Effectively Use Bathroom Feature Tiles To Transform Your Home

bathroom feature tiles
bathroom feature tiles

Bathroom feature tiles have always been an exciting idea among decorators, but deciding to use them comes with a lot of questions. Ceramic tiles are one of the most popular forms of bathroom feature tiles. Many interior decorators ponder upon the fact that ceramic tiles are the right choice to be used in bathroom feature tiles. Whether you want to have a wall of bathroom feature tiles or a ceramic tile patterned floor, the options are endless, and you also need to keep up with the latest trends. Bathroom feature tiles are a newer trend, but certain styles can look a bit dated. Plus, if you are adding bathroom feature tiles or ceramic tiles, it is not simply about styles or trends, you need to add some practical functionality to it. Feature tiles are an excellent choice to make a statement, so use them carefully, and they would create an interesting decor for your bathroom.

Illusions With Tiles 

Let us tell you some of the features you can add to your bathroom when choosing ceramic feature tiles. Primarily, ceramic tiles as bathroom feature tiles can be a great option for creating optical illusions for your bathroom. Want to make a cramped space look more spacious, bathroom feature tiles are the way to go. If your bathroom is greater in width than in length measured from the doorway, you can use ceramic tiles starting at the floor to the opposite end at the back wall. This helps create an illusion of lengthening in the room and is quite an effective trick to create a sense of space. You can use darker or lighter colour bathroom feature tiles to create space or light too. 

Use Colours And Textures To Express 

Using textures, patterns and colours is the focal point of ceramic bathroom feature tiles. Ceramic tiles come in various shapes and sizes with a broad range of colours and textures. So the choices are endless, to let your creativity run wild. Interior decorators use all kinds of bathroom feature tiles like mosaic, timber, porcelain stone patterns to create interesting focal points for feature walls. Natural stone pattern mosaic ceramic tiles are extremely popular for creating modern bathroom walls as it adds drama, creating a distinctive statement. 

Timber and porcelain pattern ceramic tiles are more popular for flooring solutions, but they can also be used as bathroom feature tiles for feature walls. They can easily create a rustic look and add earthy tones if that is the aesthetic you are looking for. Geometric patterned bathroom feature tiles can be great for walls in smaller bathrooms to create a contemporary look. 

Creating Accents And Drawing Attention

Bathroom feature tiles are an amazing way to create a focal point and highlight certain aspects of architecture. If you don’t have flat walls, maybe you have cuts or patterns, nooks created for shelves. You can highlight these interesting aspects using ceramic tiles effectively, making use of bathroom feature tiles. 

Creating A Zone With Feature Tiles

Furniture and carpets can create living spaces, adding a personal touch to spades, and the same can be done with bathroom feature tiles. You can add tone, change textures, create space and shapes that weren’t previously there in the bathroom to create more definition and add a personal touch. You do not need too much contrast to create texture. Like we mentioned before, it is preferable to use lighter colours and the same pattern if you have a small bathroom. Using too many colours and patterns can create a cluttered feel. Instead, cut the same coloured tiles in different shapes to create textures. 

What are you waiting for now that you know the various ways to use ceramic tiles as bathroom feature tiles? Let your creativity come to life, and make your statement through your bathroom wall decor. 


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