Tips To Choose The Perfect Modern Kitchen Tiles

A kitchen is one of the busiest places in a house; people are always going in and out of here, whether to cook meals, steal a snack, grab a drink, raid the fridge or anything else. Thus, the kitchen tile you choose must be perfect in terms of its propensity of function and contribution to aesthetics.

Given below are specific factors that might serve to guide you in your decision of choosing the ideal modern kitchen tiles that are ideal for your space.

  1. Before buying a kitchen tile, ensure its placement; this alludes to the space where these tiles will be placed upon purchase. Depending on its arrangement, its purpose will vary, and you can then choose tiles that are best suited to match that purpose. Determine whether the tile is used for walls, floors, countertops, as a backsplash or a feature. You can land on different colours, sizes, textures and materials depending on the placement as mentioned above decision. 
  1. Now, tiles can be curated out of a large number of materials. While tile is simply a resilient material arranged in sections over a surface, tile materials can help divide them into areas of use as per the susceptibility of each fabric under different conditions. These can include quarry, stone, cork, vinyl, bamboo, ceramic, porcelain and glass. Here some varieties such as vinyl, cork and bamboo are more suitable for floors. In contrast, others like quarry, ceramic, and porcelain can be used for counters and floors alike. Glass tiles are most suitably adaptable to use on walls and backsplashes. 
  2. Pre-determine your budget beforehand; this will help you keep yourself in check and not get carried away upon seeing pretty tiles that are over your price limit. Tiles are available at different price points based on the material they are made. Do your research based on your requirement of the tile before you make a purchase decision. Materials like vinyl and linoleum are inexpensive, whereas custom-designed ceramics can be expensive. Choose the perfect modern kitchen tiles that suit your kitchen design the best.
  3. Consider your family's lifestyle and tensile use of the kitchen before you choose a tile. Although most tile varieties are robust and resilient, some are still more susceptible to damage than others. While ceramic is heat and moisture-resistant, it tends to develop easy cracks or chips upon rough use. So, consider similar use-based applications before you finalise on one tile. The same goes for floor tile selection, factor in footfall traffic, pets, children, and the propensity of a spill. And don't under any circumstance mix up wall and floor kitchen tiles. It is because wall titles have a lower coefficient of friction, which will be too slippery for walking. At the same time, floor tiles have texture or subtly raised patterns to enable grip for walking.                               
  4. Backsplashes in one's kitchen must be chosen, bearing in mind that these would have to sustain hot oil splatters, grease and daily cleaning. The ideal material for such purposes includes porcelain, ceramic, glass, metal or stone materials. Other than this, backsplashes are an optimal point in the kitchen to add an accent. These can be used to add a pop of necessary colour to one's kitchen. 

The pointers mentioned above threw light on the self-reflecting questions and answers that one must be aware of and clear on before setting out to purchase modern kitchen tiles to suit your requirement.


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