Things To Consider While Buying A Commercial Sandwich Press

commercial sandwich press
commercial sandwich press

A sandwich press is a versatile device used in commercial as well as home kitchens. It is used to get those proper sandwiches fresh out of the grill. It will create delicious toasts and lip-smacking grilled sandwiches.  

The market for commercial sandwich press offers different brands, and they will provide you with multiple features for improved functionality. It will be a multi-purpose device to include in your kitchen. Professional kitchens or restaurants can make good use of the commercial sandwich press. 

They are common in most kitchens and thus are available in different varieties with different features. The market offers a baffling list of features that can be overwhelming for the customers. If you're looking for a commercial sandwich press, make sure to go through the list of considerations given below, 

Cooking area 

It might be a seemingly insignificant detail to look at, and most of us might select the one which fits the space in the counter; it is essential to find the correct width of the cooking area. Not every time you will be using the standard bread, and there will be times when you would want to eat a panini or make a sub. In such cases having a small commercial sandwich press will be a disadvantage. Also, having extra people around having a sandwich press that accommodates one sandwich at a time will be time-consuming. Thus, considering your usage of the cooking area along with the availability of space will be beneficial. 


Your commercial sandwich press should heat efficiently. The surface should be heating evenly for the sandwich press to be used effectively. If it takes longer than usual, it will affect the time required. Make sure to discuss all the factors involved in a commercial sandwich press with your dealer and make an intelligent decision. 

Heating also affects food quality, and it is essential to consider this before buying a commercial sandwich press. These are important, especially if you're a restaurant owner and have customers to serve. 

The shape of the grill 

It is vital to consider the shape of the commercial sandwich press. It will allow you to cook efficacity. It is not just about fashion and looks; however, the functionality of a purposeful design is unmatched. The shape is a factor that will affect the kitchen's performance and efficiency. 


The plates must be durable. It can be tiresome to replace them now and then, and it will be difficult for you to keep up. It won't be delightful, especially if you're running a restaurant that specialises in sandwiches. It will affect your servings. 


You want durability, quality and efficiency together in a commercial sandwich press. Make sure to select the commercial sandwich press that will be a good investment and won't require frequent maintenance. Check the warranty period and read reviews before you make your final decision. It will be beneficial for you to check the available products in the market and compare them before finalising one product. 

Having a commercial sandwich press for your home or restaurant will be highly efficient for you. Make sure to list out your requirements before you decide which one to buy. Prioritise according to your budget and make a good investment that will be fruitful for you.


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