Your Baby’s First Love: Teddy Bear

Panda bear
Panda bear

Do you have that one cherished toy from your childhood that has been with you for decades, and the thought of losing that plushie is dreadful even after decades? Or are you the one who wonders why some kids and even adults find it challenging to give up or giveaway on their teddies? 

Either way, you must have noticed the weird bond young ones share with their teddy bear. Often toddlers drag their panda bears and snow bears wherever they go, be it school or on a family dinner. Your child makes sure to get a seat reserved for their lovely fluffball. 

Just like any other childhood playtime buddy, these teddies are there to play. However, what makes them so unique? Why it is hurtful if they lose a limb or you have to keep them away? What makes them so desirable for adults is that they have gotten a spot as valentine’s day present. Also, why do you think people get into collecting plushies?

If you think it’s all because of the softness and cuteness of a cuddly buddy, think again! The doe-eyes of a teddy bear or a panda bear, along with their fluffy body, are not the only factors for your baby’s attachment to them.

In fact, there are scientific reasons why children and even adults find pushballs comforting. Research has proven how it is essential for young kids to have a bear with them and the benefits are emotional. 


Fluffy bears with hearts and a simple panda bear can enforce the quality of nurturing. Often these lifeless toys act as a friend or a pet for your kids. Playing their mama or being a papa bear can make your toddler learn about how to nurture others. 

Lifts Mood 

The smiley face and doe eyes can melt anyone’s heart. How can your child be immune to such a fluffy charm? Teddies are comforting to look at and can boost someone’s mood. If your baby bun is having a bad day or is sick, show them their cute companion, and they will feel better.


You can’t forget warm hugs, can you? These cuddly plushies are best to hug. They’re huge compared to your toddler and can give a feeling of warmth. This can help in an overwhelming situation to calm your baby. Also, it will support them to allow them to get hold of their emotions. 

Easy To Handle 

To play with a teddy, you need a teddy! There’s nothing more it, but with your imagination, your teddy bear can turn around and polish its shoes. Babies can handle these fluffballs easily as they have to take their beer along with them and play. After the playtime, these friends can be on a bedside table, or you can tuck them under a blankie once your baby’s off to sleep. 


Teddies can listen to your child’s venting, especially if it’s about you as a parent. Further, having a teddy is fun, and they will cherish it for life. Your daughters and sons will have a friend, a sleep-time buddy and a secret keeper with a teddy. It won’t make them weak but make sure they learn to handle their emotions effectively and develop compassion.

Teddy bears are an important part of your childhood, and everyone cherishes them. Make sure to get one for your child, and their childhood will be filled with warmt


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