A Short Guide To Why And How You Should Buy An Organic Natural Latex Mattress

Are you Looking to buy a Mattress at your local shop and have no idea which one to buy? Here is your short guide to navigating your way through mattress shopping. 

Here are some reasons why you should buy an Organic Natural Latex Mattress:

1. Springy and Comfortable:

Comfort is the first and foremost purpose of any bed or mattress. More the springiness the better. An Organic Mattress made from natural latex provides the sleeper with the ultimate comfort.

2. Medical benefits:

The natural mattress is manufactured in such a fashion that it supports how your spine naturally aligns with your body. It also increases your blood circulation

3. Pain relief for back pain:

Has sleeping on a hard mattress has left you with unrelenting back pain?  The cure for that is, changing your mattress to an organic natural latex mattress. It gives a cushioning effect on the pain in the back and joints. It is so soothing that your mattress provides you relief after a long and hectic day. A lot of medical experts recommend their patients to go for an organic mattress.

4. Sweat, mould and dust mites resistant:

Organic latex mattress boasts a resistance to a lot of things. If you sweat a lot, leaving your bed all moist in the morning, or if your mattress has a tendency to attract those nasty mites, your sleep is bound to get affected. Organic natural latex mattress gets rid of all of these problems. The resistance to mould and dust mites that it provides is also natural and not obtained because of added chemicals.

5. Isolation of motion:

If you share the bed with your spouse or partner and they have the tendency to move around. It can be very distracting. Organic latex mattress isolates the motion of one sleeper from the other so both of them can sleep peacefully.

6. No toxic chemicals and thus eco-friendly:

The All natural organic mattress utilizes sap from rubber trees as its source material. There is no toxic material involved in its manufacturing. If you think the extraction of sap harms the rubber tree, don’t worry. It doesn’t! Actually, quite the opposite, manufacturing of natural latex mattress has led to more and more rubber tree plantations!

As latex is produced from the sap of a rubber tree, you are helping in supporting and preserving the environment by buying the mattress. It is a great alternative to artificial and synthetic mattresses which are linked to biodiversity loss.

Now that you know what you need to buy, here are some things you should consider before making a purchase:

 1. Authenticity

Check if the mattress is all natural as it claims to be. Sometimes a natural mattress can also have some percentage of synthetic latex. Avoid these types of contaminations!

2. Firmness

Some customers can have problems with how firm the mattress is. To find out if the firmness is suitable for you, find out the Impression Load deflection (ILD) of the mattress. A high ILD means more firmness while a low ILD implies a smoother surface.

3. Compression

You can assess the mattress for dents arising sleeping regularly in one spot. Though not a major problem, it can affect the natural moment of the sleeper.

So, Now get your socks on and get to the nearest store and buy yourself years of peaceful nights!


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