Boat Trailer Parts and Their Maintenance in Sydney

boat trailer parts
boat trailer parts

As a boat owner, you may be familiar with boat trailer parts and how important they are for the proper functioning of boats. You may take good care of your boat, but your boat trailer parts can often go ignored as they don’t usually require too much maintenance. If you are a boat owner and have trailer parts for moving and handling your boats, there are few simple ways through which you can maintain them. Maintenance of boat trailer parts would ensure they keep functioning properly and stay in good condition for more extended periods of time. Few basic types of boat trailer parts include

  • Boat trailer rollers
  • boat trailer bumper 
  • covers plastic and protective bunk pads 
  • boat trailer plastic bunks and skids
  • jockey wheels and jockey wheel stand for boat trailers 
  • winch for boat trailers
  • roller spindles for boat trailers 
  • roller brackets for boat trailers 
  • mudguards for boat trailers and so on 

Various boat trailer parts suppliers in Sydney also offer comprehensive kits that have multiple options, so you don’t need to buy them separately.

With that out of the way, let us tell you about the maintenance of boat trailer parts for boat owners in Sydney.

Boat Trailer Parts Maintenance with Grease

As a boat owner, one of the essential facets of boat trailer maintenance is that you need to conduct an inspection of the grease fittings of the hubs from time to time. These boat trailer parts, i.e., hubs and lights, usually stay immersed in water every time you take your boat out to the water. No need to worry; it’s a relatively easy task. All you have to do is remove the rubber cap from the boat trailer parts to check the grease fittings. Not all parts have caps, so simply try to move the fitting backward and forwards if there isn’t one. If you can move it easily then you may need more grease. The process of adding more grease is cheap and fast as well, and you can easily have grease added from any local garage or even do it yourself if you have experience with such tasks.

Another thing that can be a smart maintenance practice is, periodically giving the wheels of your boat a pat. You can do this when you are hauling your boat out of whichever Sydney water body you have been sailing in. However, be careful when doing so as the wheels can run quite hot when under use. If the wheels are way too hot to touch, you may need to add more grease or even get new wheels as replacements. 

Boat Trailer Parts Maintenance for Invasive Plants Or Mussels

When conducting maintenance of boat trailer parts, you should also check for invasive species. Once you retrieve your boat from the ramp, you can check for this issue. Invasive species tend to latch on when broken plant stems get dislodged and start floating once you launch the boat in the water. This invasive issue can happen from mussels too, when they attach themselves to the boats or the trailers. Know the local plants and mussels common in Sydney’s water so you can recognise and get rid of them accordingly. 

Motor Brace or Transom Saver For Your Boat Trailer Parts

Using a motor brace is vital for boat trailers, so you should also make sure to conduct proper maintenance on them. When the boat is riding over the trailer, it takes a massive toll on the transoms. This is a higher level of stress than what usually happens when your boat is out in the water. Use a transom saver or a motor brace, as these would ensure that you prevent excessive damage to your boats and boat trailer parts. 

If you are unsure how to maintain your boat trailer parts on your own, several services are available across Sydney that can quickly help you out. 


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