Importance Of Waterproofing Concrete Floor And The Relevance Of Balcony Waterproofing Membrane

Waterproofing Concrete floor
Waterproofing Concrete floor

Importance Of Investing In Waterproofing Concrete Floor, It is difficult to replace, even more so to maintain concrete floors; thus, it is essential to invest in quality waterproofing solutions. Listed here are a few reasons why waterproofing concrete floor is important:

  • Essentially, concrete is a highly porous material that is susceptible to water damage and deterioration if waterproofing is not done.
  • If water seeps into these, it tends to rust the chloride ions that are ideally found in reinforced concrete structures, thus allowing these ions to expand and the connected concrete to crumble in time.
  • Lack of waterproofing can cause structural problems to structures such as plasterboard swelling, ceramic tile debonding, short-circuiting, among others.
  • This further prevents mould building triggered by moisture accumulation. This moisture buildup tends to grow mildew that can sprout spores that might pave the way for a slew of health problems.
  • Waterproofing concrete floors is also a risk management measure, such that having effective waterproofing solutions in place would ensure the protection of assets of the occupants at the time of water-induced problems.
  • Prevention is indeed better than cure; investing in waterproofing concrete floors early on will help you in the long run and save you maintenance expenses. The aforementioned was about the importance of waterproofing concrete floors. 

What Is A Balcony Waterproofing Membrane?

A balcony waterproofing membrane is a waterproof layer that is fitted in to secure the underlying structure from being exposed to any water leakage. This membrane is highly likely to be exposed to or shielded by precast concrete pavers, wood planks, or even concrete toppings.

The balcony waterproofing membrane might vary based on the type of balcony construction that it is. This can either be liquid-applied urethane, sheet-applied vinyl or Styrene butadiene styrene bitumen modified torch-on. 

  • These are supposed to be maintained well in order for them to serve their function optimally. 
  • If the maintenance of the balcony waterproofing membrane is lacking, water might seep in through holes and cracks that might have emerged on it or along the separated joints. 
  • Consequently, swaddling the building or resulting in the structure's interior getting damaged, including the walls, floors, and furniture, if any. 
  • On the point of furniture, if these are unreasonably sharp or pointed, creating dents or cracks within the balcony membrane, these would also serve as risks that allow eater entryways.
  • Further, balcony barbeque settings that might result in spilled gasoline or solvents can actually cause vinyl membranes to melt.
  • Post a new construction followed by shrinkage of building frame might resultantly allow water ingress to enter from the edge of the membrane.
  • These are sensitive to water damage, and under the circumstance wherein the balcony waterproofing membrane was to fail due to improper fitting or limited consideration granted towards it, water is likely to penetrate through the wood structure of the balcony flooring. This would further aid towards wood decay; even the connected ceiling might bear its repercussions.
  • This situation or damage to this extent might incur massive expenses that could have been avoided had the original membrane been of quality material, and careful consideration was guaranteed at the time of installation.

The following was about the balcony waterproofing membrane, their functionality and why it is essential for one to maintain them. 


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