Pave Your Way with Stone Tiles

Stone tiles
Stone tiles

More than your interiors, the exteriors are exposed to the outside elements and combat weather, dust and pollution. That’s why you require quality work outdoors, which will not only be aesthetically pleasing but also functional and purposeful. 

Outdoors often require pavers. Paving can be done with various materials. Many tend to use bricks, and others prefer stones. While both serve the purpose, a stone tile paver can be a better option for your outdoors. 

We’re here to tell you some benefits of having a Stone Tile Paver,

1. Durable and Strong  

Compared to the brick paver, stone tile pavers are sturdy. They perform better in harsh weather conditions. Stone tile pavers are low maintenance and durable. You need not worry about frequent replacements and potential damage often. 

2. Quick To Install 

Compared to any other material, stone tile pavers are quick to install. It is not a time-intensive process and won’t cause much hindrance to you. You can get the area to function quickly after installing a stone tile paver. 

3. Low Maintenance 

Natural stone tile paver is low maintenance. Clean it with mild soapy water once a week or once every two weeks. You are good to go. The regular dusting should be enough.

4. Fresh looking 

Stone tile paver looks fresh every season. The surface is not vulnerable to damage; thus, it keeps the paver good as new for a long time. Also, if you have a routine of cleaning the stone tile pavers, it will add to the look.

5. All-season 

Stone tiles are made of natural stone. The base itself is found in nature. Thus, the structure remains sturdy irrespective of the weather. Such stone tile pavers do not require weatherproofing or additional adhesives. 

If you’re looking to add a stone tile paver to the outdoors of your home and want to know the available options, here are the top five popular stones for stone tile paver, 

6. Sandstone Tile Paver 

Sandstone tiles are commonly used for gardens. The availability of colour range can and go with any décor or theme. Sandstone tile pavers can add effortless beauty to your outdoors. It will give a clean look and will enhance the value of your property. 

7. Slate Tile Paver 

Even slate tile paver bears a resemblance to the sandstone varieties. Slate tiles are stunning and can be cut according to your preference. The subtle and muted colours with soft textures levitate the exteriors with a chic look. Using slate for your stone tile paver can make a remarkable statement for your outdoors, and since slate doesn’t get dirty quickly, you will be receiving compliments for it for a longer time. 

8. Granite Tile Paver 

The most commonly used stone must be granite. From kitchen counters to the office floor, granite can amp up the look. Granite can be a perfect match for your stone tile paver as it has an endless variety of colours and works in versatile ways. It is one of the sturdiest rocks out there; you need not worry about wear and tear. Granite is not an easy surface to get scratched. 

9. Limestone Tile Paver 

The porous surface of limestone provides high functionality. It gives a rustic look to your stone tile pavers. Limestone requires care and specific cleaning agents; however, once a routine is formed, maintaining limestone is no hustle. 

10. Marble Tile Paver

How can we discuss stone tiles and forget about marble? The natural ripples of grey and black on a muted white are desirable for many. The price is worth the look, and marble can make your stone tile paver look elegant while adding value to your space. It can be cut in different sizes and shapes with colours available you can modify the look as you please. 

A Stone tile paver can be your ideal investment for the outdoors of your property. You can get a wide variety of stone tiles to make durable pavers for your outdoors.


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