Popular Types of Ceiling Fans in Australia

Ceiling fans have been around for decades. Way before air conditions were accessible, and fans have been standard household options. Ceiling fans in Australia are available at reasonable costs and varied designs. Ceiling fans in Australia can be used for various purposes. These multi-purpose appliances can reduce energy consumption. 

Ceiling fans are purposeful and energy-efficient. They include features and improve home décor. Ceiling fans in Australia can be used as a statement piece for households and on a large scale for industrial use. 

The wide variety of ceiling fans in Australia can be overwhelming and baffling. If you’re looking for ceiling fans in Australia, here’s a list of ceiling fans types to choose from, 

  • Standard ceiling fans

These are the regular fans that you see everywhere. The familiar fans with 3 or 4 blades and a motor to ensure the speed of the fan are essential. These standard ceiling fans are readily available at a reasonable price. 

  • Hugger fans 

Commonly known as low-profile fans, these hugger fans are closer to the ceiling. Suppose a space has a ceiling as low as eight feet. Hugger fans are recommended. This is another common type of ceiling fan in Australia. These low-profile fans will improve the functionality and optimise your space well. 

  • Energy-saving fans 

These fans are designed to save energy. The motor of these fans runs at high speed while keeping the energy consumption low. Getting such ceiling fans in Australia will reduce the power consumption by 20 to 30%. It will reduce your electricity cost and benefit nature. 

  • Dual motor ceiling fans 

These fans use the dual motor, as the name suggests. It includes an engine at the middle on the metal rod and two fans attached at both ends. The fans function using an ordinary motor and provide ventilation to the room. Such ceiling fans are used in Australia in public areas. 

  • Remote-controlled fans 

As the name suggests, these fans can be controlled with a remote. These fans even include light arrangements at times. This gives high functionality and convenience. Remote-controlled fans can add a modern touch to your homes.

  • Damp and wet ceiling fans 

Damp and wet ceiling fans can be functional in areas with high humidity and the probability of high rainfalls. There’s a difference between damp and wet fans. 

Wet fans are often tested for water-proof functionality. Whenever there’s a possibility of a spill, wet fans can be beneficial. 

Such fans can be used in areas like:

  • Covered porches
  • Covered patios
  • Sun-rooms
  • Commercial fans 

Commercial fans are best suitable for industrial and agricultural use. These large-size fans can be helpful to keep large storage areas and manufacturing areas cool and ventilated. These fans can be mounted up to 25-feet above the ground and will be purposeful for the vast space. 

Factors to consider: 

Whenever you require a ceiling fan in Australia, make sure to understand your requirement. Most fans can be customised to suit your preference. Make sure to priorities your needs and budget before you start hunting for ceiling fans in Australia. Consider the size and speed of the fan, along with the area of the space it needs to ventilate. To select the right ceiling fan, ensure to prioritise your requirements.


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