What Are PIR Panels And Their Benefits?

PIR panels
PIR panels

These days, there are plenty of companies in Australia that supply PIR panels. These are made from high-quality materials such as Colourbond steel. The core of these products is made from a material known as polyisocyanurate. These are lightweight materials that we are talking about over here, and they happen to be fire-resistant as well. That is rather evident from their FM certification. It also can be used for all kinds of temperatures and applications where you have to control the surrounding environment.

Benefits of PIR panels

As has been said already, these are lightweight products. Despite that, they are robust and highly durable. The insulated panel manufacturers also make these products in such a way that they can resist fire. The best way to identify the top products in this regard is to look at the FM rating, which should be in the region of 4880 to 4881. That means that these products do offer a high level of resistance to heat. They are available in a wide array of colours and are very good to look at as well. It is highly customisable. The same can be said of the thickness of the panels as well.      

Therefore, these PIR panels are so suitable for your needs. The sound insulation and thermal efficiency offered by these panels are of the highest order as well. They come with an antibacterial coating, which makes them fully hygienic too. 


It has a wide range of applications:

  • cold storage
  • specialist rooms
  • food and beverage 
  • aerospace
  • pharmaceuticals
  • general construction 
  • agricultural
  • residential


These are some of the reasons why PIR panels reputation and demand is high. You can be sure that the cold room insulation panels you buy from them will provide you with superior performance. After all, this is what they are known for as well. Apart from being durable, they are immensely versatile as well. These companies also have excellent technical knowledge in this regard as they employ the best experts. As you have already seen above, these products are used in a wide array of applications. 


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