6 Brilliant Reasons Why You Should Use SEO Tools

Understanding the concept of SEO is the utmost vital when it comes to running a website. There are various aspects that a site has to take care of while serving its customers. Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving the visibility and the ranking of a site. There are different SEO tools available which enable the same. Moreover, various impacts of negative SEO can be avoided as well as rectified using these tools. Various sites use these tools to revive their lost ranking due to sundry reasons. These tools offer various uses:

  1. Estimate SEO growth as well as KPIs: All the clients wish to know the performance of their website in comparison to competitor websites. This is majorly determined based on the ranking held by a website. But there are other criteria that need to be brought into consideration. These include traffic and conversion rates. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) involve the domain ranking of the website, sales, click rate, number of backlinks, number of form fills, etc. SEO tools help in determining all these measures and giving the estimate about the success of the website.
  2. Serve as a substitute for Manual SEO Audits: Manual Audits of the website can be an arduous task. Tools like SEMrush and Majestic create a report for their users clearly depicting the issues faced by the website. It also avails deep scrutiny of the audit regarding various aspects such as redirect links. One of the most used tools to facilitate the SEO specialist with these benefits is Screaming Frog. The identification of various issues becomes easy and feasible. Some of the conventions could relate to Broken links, Poor page depth, Missing Meta descriptions, etc. Server overload is another problem that can be depicted and then resolved using these tools.
  3. Identifying the keywords: SEO tools help in identifying the keywords that can help the site fetch a good ranking. These tools suggest where content upgradation is required. Also, if the site does not want to be ranked for, it can remove those keywords. Moreover, keywords possessing high conversion rates are identified using SEO tools, and strategies can be framed based on the same.
  4. Analyse the master plan of the competitor websites: The blueprint of the competitor websites can be easily understood and scrutinized using the SEO tools. These SEO tools help to track not only the ranking of other sites but also the reasons behind their performance. This is done within the ethical constraints hence, helping in maintaining a healthy competition. Also, the keyword identification of the competitors guides a website owner to frame a strategy to fetch a high ranking.
  5. To report the results to the clients: The clients might also desire to know the return on investment that they are gaining by hiring a particular SEO marketer. One can also demonstrate the KPIs to their customers, along with the reports that can be incorporated using the SEO tool SEMrush. This confirms to the clients in numerical terms pertaining to the revenue earned by the client owing to service by the SEO specialist.
  6. Visualising of data: This aspect of SEO tools comes in handy for all the SEO specialists and Marketers who wish to intimate to their clients their job performance — there various SEO tools such as TapClicks which aid in providing better and understandable visuals regarding the data. The client might not be furnished enough to know about the technicalities of the KPIs. These can be easily enunciated through different graphs and diagrams using different SEO tools. This helps in not only proper but also timely analysis of data. The data can be predicted in a more effective form with all the complex criteria being easily demonstrated. This also helps SEO marketers to retain their clients.


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