Getting Kitchen Renovations in Kensington – Should You Opt for a Modular Kitchen Design?

As the name suggests, modular kitchens have different ‘modules.’ These modules come together to fit into the given kitchen spaces and create efficient and practical kitchens. Since high storage capacity is one of the key features of modular kitchen units, many homeowners getting kitchen renovations in Kensington are opting for them.

Each module of modular kitchen units serves specific purposes. For example, there will be separate drawer storage spaces, overhead storage options, etc., in a modular kitchen. These storage modules combine to create space-efficient kitchen spaces where homeowners can maximise their functionalities and move around freely. 

How to Create a Modular Kitchen?

Just like in all kitchen renovations in Kensington, planning is the primary step that homeowners need to take before setting up their modular kitchens. Homeowners can choose from five standard layouts of modular kitchens - 

  • L-shaped
  • U-shaped
  • Parallel
  • Rectangular
  • Straight

They must consider how much space they have available, the needs of the residents, and their aesthetic requirements before deciding on a layout. Experienced providers of kitchen renovations in Kensington can help homeowners avoid silly mistakes while making these decisions. 

Select Modules

While choosing which modules you’ll need in your new kitchen, think about different storage options. Cupboards, drawers, open shelves, overhead benches, etc. – which storage options do you need the most? Bear in mind - most modules are available in a variety of sizes, so homeowners have plenty of options. 

Make sure to choose the modules that help you create functional and practical kitchen spaces with maximum storage options. The aesthetic appeal of the new layout must also be considered. Also, try to store similar items together. For example, create one set of cupboards just for storing spices. Store other items like cutlery in other cupboards.

Select the Right Hardware 

The choice of hardware always impacts the quality of kitchen renovations in Kensington. Homeowners must assess how they plan to use their kitchens and invest in hardware items accordingly. For example, homeowners who constantly open/close the doors of their cupboards need to find cupboards with top-quality hinges.

Avoid using handles and knobs on cupboards, drawers, and cabinets. These items take up unnecessary kitchen space. ‘Handle-less’ kitchen furniture items are much more space-efficient. They help accentuate the sleek design concepts and also allow homeowners to roam around in their kitchens more freely. 

Shop for Long-Lasting Cabinets

Getting kitchen renovations in Kensington is expensive. Transforming a standard kitchen into a modular unit is even more expensive. So, homeowners need to take steps that make their modular kitchen units last longer. Shopping for durable kitchen cabinets is a good way of achieving this objective.

Kitchen cabinets made of materials like stainless steel, natural stone, traditional timber, or laminate not only look good and modern, but they’re also quite durable. Mixes of masalas, oil, etc., are easy to clean off such surfaces as well. 

Getting a modular kitchen design is very advantageous as long as homeowners can make them last for at least a decade. Homeowners must consider these details before making final decisions!


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