Facts To Consider About Disposable Isolation Gowns

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, it has become mandatory for every one of us to protect ourselves from the fatal coronavirus. There is a huge demand for various medical health and protection equipment. There are several types of equipment that are now considered very important and these include face masks or surgical masks, hand sanitisers, head caps, and most importantly disposable isolation gowns. 

These are specially designed gowns that are solely used for the purpose to protect an individual. It is worn to avoid coming in contact with any kind of contagious infection. The gown even stops the transmission of harmful bacteria or illnesses from one to another. Thin sheets of plastic element or papers are usually utilised for manufacturing such disposable gowns. 

Classification Of Disposable Gowns

The isolation gowns can be divided into four categories or levels. They are as follows:

  • Level 1:

These types of gowns are only suitable in such scenarios where there is minimal or no risk of transmission of disease or illness at all. Medical practitioners or an individual can use such this type of gowns if they are visiting a normal medical care unit or taking basic care of a patient, etc. 

  • Level 2:

In the case of low-risk scenarios, disposable isolation gowns can be utilised. These gowns are utilised while conducting any kind of pathological tests, or medical practitioners or visitors visiting in Intensive Care Units can also use these gowns. 

  • Level 3:

If the risk is moderate, then a gown of level 3 is compulsory. Doctors, nurses, or visitors who need to visit inside emergency units must wear one to protect themselves as well as the individuals present inside the ward. 

  • Level 4:

If you are aware of extreme high-risks, then you should wear an isolation gown of level 4. These gowns are completely infection resistant and can be used while carrying out intensive operations, or surgeries. 

Different Application Or Uses Of Disposable Gowns

Apart from medical applications, these disposable gowns are also used for various other essential purposes. Their uses are as follows:

  • In several food manufacturing and processing sectors, disposable gowns are worn by the staff to maintain hygiene and a safe environment. 
  • There are numerous factories and industries, where the workers need to drape such disposable gowns to protect themselves while working in severe conditions.
  • Miners also wear disposable gowns while performing their functions. 

Perks Of Using Disposable Isolation Gowns

There are various perks & benefits related to the use of disposable isolation gowns which are given below:

  • The gowns are extremely cost-effective.
  • It can also be disposed of with ease and is 100% environmentally friendly.
  • The disposable gowns are prepared from waterproofing materials.
  • Such gowns avoid the transmission of harmful bacteria, illness, or viruses. 
  • It mainly protects an individual from the outside environment.

The Bottom Line 

Disposable isolation gowns are vital for an individual’s safety and therefore should be utilised more by the bulk of establishments. Such items are both inexpensive and extremely efficient.


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