The functionalities of Ducted Air Conditioning in Sydney

Today, when new technologies appear every day, everyone can equip their home, workplace, and other premises, taking into account their capabilities and desires. Today, air conditioning devices play an equally important role. Almost every city apartment in Sydney has ducted air conditioning. It is no surprise to anyone that the popularity and demand for air conditioners are growing every year, which makes them essential in the house as a TV and a washing machine.

What is a duct-type air conditioner?

A duct air conditioner is a climatic equipment that is installed in the inter-ceiling space and, due to the air duct system, it provides a comfortable microclimate throughout the room.

Ducted air conditioner design

A standard duct air conditioner available in Sydney consists of three main units:

  1. Indoor and outdoor module.
  2. Tubes connecting both blocks through which the refrigerant circulates.
  3. Air duct system - supplies cooled/heated air throughout the room, and its ventilation.

The ducted air conditioner is designed to distribute cooled air through the air duct. It can be used to serve several rooms or evenly cool one room with a large area or complex configuration (for example, U-shaped). The heated air from the service area is also supplied to the air conditioner through the ducts.

How does it work?

The way ducted air conditioning works is not different from other types of air conditioning equipment. It comprises a system within which the refrigerant is circulated through a compressor. An evaporator is located in the indoor unit, in which the refrigerant is transformed into a gaseous state. A condenser is placed in the external unit, inside of which the refrigerant turns into a liquid state. When it evaporates, it takes heat from the air inside the room, and when it condenses, it gives off heat energy to the atmosphere.

Its air supply in the premises is maintained through air ducts. The ducts in the ducted air conditioner are subdivided into supply and extract air ducts. Air from the room is taken into the system through the ventilation grilles and the exhaust duct is supplied to the indoor unit of the split system. Here it is cooled to the required temperature and through the supply air duct is fed back to the room through diffusers. 

The wiring of the ducted air conditioning in Sydney provides for the placement of air for intake and exhaust of air from the air conditioning system in certain areas. This makes it possible to maintain a uniform temperature in large and complex rooms. Furthermore, it simultaneously serves a large number of separate rooms.

Why is ducted air conditioning vital in a home in Sydney?

  1. Increased productivity, which allows servicing premises of a large area and cubic capacity;
  2. The ability to connect several indoor units into one system with one compressor, which can significantly increase productivity;
  3. High reliability and long service life
  4. The possibility of air conditioning in several separate rooms;
  5. The ability to use the function of mixing fresh air, which allows ventilation of the room.

To ensure a comfortable stay and regulate the temperature indicators in the room, opt for ducted air conditioning since it is splendid both in terms of efficiency and aesthetics. In this case, it is worth considering the option of installing ducted air conditioning available in Sydney.


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