5 Reasons Why Migration Applications Get Rejected In Australia

When it comes to migrating from your country to Australia, no matter what the reason is, there is always the need to follow the right procedure when it concerns acquiring a Visa. Without validation, things do not move further. While the Visa application isn’t as smooth as one can think to be, it is something that requires help from a trusted and experienced migration agent.

The process involves submitting an application and a form along with the necessary documents that the authorities check. Once accepted, the person concerned is interviewed, and there is final approval. While this is something that is expected, not always do things move about smoothly. Mistakes on the part of the applicant often unknowingly lead to rejection.

Here are a few reasons put together sourced from multiple immigration agents in Blacktown

Issues with identity documents :

When applying for a migration Visa, there is a need to prove your identity in the best possible manner. The submitted documents are verified with the original ones, and quite often applicants fail to prove their identity as required by the immigration authorities. The documents aren’t sometimes attested with missing identity statement. 

Absence of test clearing documents :

When you migrate to Australia, there is a need for the applicant to pass tests. Skill tests, communication test, English test, etc. and when the certificates are produced along with the application, only then there are chances of approval. It is often seen that people do not appear for tests and apply for a Visa beforehand. 

No solid purpose of immigration:

When it concerns migrating to Australia, there are people who cannot provide a solid purpose on why they intend to leave their country for another. Some mention education, some for work while some for marriage but often fail to give along documents that clearly state the reason why they intend to come to Australia. A simple mention in the application form isn’t sufficient unless you help out with supporting documents. An immigration agent in Blacktown would ensure that you put across a good reason. 

Mention of a criminal record:

While Visa application during migration asks for details on criminal records, each of it is analyzed well. If the crime was a grave one, there are high chances of the application being rejected. Since the country wouldn’t want to entertain further crimes coming from those who have migrated from other countries, it rejects such proposals. 

Two consecutive applications have a lesser duration:

If you have applied for the Visa approval once and have got rejected, there are chances that your second application may get approved, especially when it is handled by a licensed immigration agent in Blacktown. While that shows some positive light, there are times when the gap between two application dates are close by, and that is when it gets rejected. Consider taking some time in hand before making the second application after being rejected once. 

While visa applications handled by immigration agent in Blacktown have lesser chances of rejection, you can still plea for a reason as to why was your application rejected. This gives you an idea of where to correct yourself the next time you put down an application.  


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