Your (Online) Competitors May Not Be Who You Think They Are

When you search for your business online and find several other names after and before your rank, there is no guarantee on the fact that they are your real competitors. When it comes to competition, what matters is, the ability to be noticed when targeted customers search for keywords related to your business or even your geographical location.

You could be a service provider for interior designing & decoration and competing with the likes of yours isn’t always sufficient. Being at par with those that provide services for homes is what the real competition is. When it comes to knowing who your real competitors are online, here are a few ways that can help you out.

Identifying the type of competitors

When it comes to the types of competitors, it isn’t just limited to one. There are four of them that not many are aware of. 

  • Direct competitors – All businesses that cater to the people with the same business type as that of yours. 
  • Indirect competitors– Businesses that sell the same product as yours but have a different geographical location to serve. 
  • Perceived competitors – Businesses who aren’t similar to yours but serve the same audience. 
  • SERP – Generalized websites such as Article websites or even Wikipedia in that case that has a keyword or two as that of yours in their content. 

Knowing the real-world competitors

The first three types of competitors are the ones you need to be concerned about. Hiring the services of an SEO expert can hel you identify who your real competitors are. Following them to know of the keywords that they are targeting can allow you to modify your keywords and make it unique. The store next to yours selling the same products as that of yours, and not having an online presence is not your competition in the virtual world. You can take advantage of that and advertise your business online. 

Competitors with similar keywords

There are multiple SEO tools that help you identify the keywords used by your competitors. Some may seem relevant, while the rest won’t. Looking out for those who have the same keywords as that of yours are the ones giving you competition. The SEO tools can help you with LSI keywords that you can opt for more so because these are the ones that aren't used by many but are often used as search terms by customers looking for a service online. 

Looking out for optimization tricks

Hiring the services of an expert who can help you with optimizing your website can help you rank well. When you opt for services as that of PPC, blog writing, social media marketing, etc. you get to watch your business be optimized and present in the first pages of Google. The better you make your presence felt; the more attention you would receive from search engines to be displayed whenever a customer searches with a keyword as that of yours. Only an expert with SEO will be able to help you rank well.


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