Travertine Tiles: Why They Are Exactly The Kind Of Tiles You Need

travertine tile
travertine tile

With the beautiful history of being in the artwork and the architecture of Italy, travertine tile is a timeless wonder that has now made itself known to the mainstream household markets. These elegant tiles are made of limestones and their marble-like texture and attractive earth-tone make it so incredibly easy yet glamorous.

It is ideal for the homeowners who are looking to renovate or the ones who have purchased a new home for themselves. The travertine with its variety of earth tones, including browns, tans and beige hues, make floor planning refined and tasteful. Travertine tiles create a very classic look to the house and give it a divine look. The tiles make the room resemble a very expensive hotel suite yet the tones give a calming and homey look to the room. 

Why Does Everyone Want Travertine Tiles?

  • Design: Travertine tiles immediately put sophistication to the house. With its history and origin, it immediately draws attention. Thanks to the soft canvas of colours, travertine maintains a reserved dignity of earth tones rather than the dark, deep tones of granite or marble. It provides relief from the multiple dominance of vibrant and gloomy colours. 
  • Versatility: Travertine tiles can be polished, honed, tumbled or brushed. 
  • Easy To Clean: The polished travertine has a very glossy finish. This glossy finish is obtained from relentlessly polishing the tile to create a smooth and sealed look. This type of tile is best for resisting stains. To maintain its glossy surface, timely resealing will be necessary. If it is kept properly sealed, travertine is quite simple to clean, just a damp mop with mild cleaner is necessary. 

Types Of Travertine

  • Honed: This is the most popular of the different types of Travertine, known for its matte finish, and is used mostly for indoor floor use.
  • The Tumbled Travertine: With its curved corners and edges, tumbled travertine tile gives a very antique look to the flooring, though it is more delicate, the beauty lies in its ability to make the house look classic. 

All these different types of travertine tiles provide different finishes for your unique taste. The tiles are made from a very durable stone and it is easier to maintain than other natural stones. However, its weighty and porous nature requires you to seal the surface regularly. With proper installation and care, it adds a blend of mountain beauty. It may seem like a hassle to maintain the flooring but the right partner for this gorgeous timeless peace can make both the inner self and the tiles happy. 

It provides a very luxurious and comforting sense to the house with its natural blend of colours. These tiles are widely used in the American market which appreciates the period piece. 


The aesthetic value travertine tile might look out of reach but now it is easily made available to everyday customers. There are many different types of travertine tiles available in the market so it makes it immensely enjoyable to the public. It is available at different price ranges and designs catering to all. 


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