Mural Paintings, its Characteristics and Popular Australian Artists

Mural paintings are painting artworks on a wall or any other hard and permanent services like that of the ceiling, ground, caves, building and other such places. It dates back to several decades ago when the modern man begins painting on the caves of Africa around 200,000 bc. Evidence of ancient mural paintings can be found in caves in southern France, Australia and in India.  Today painted wall murals in Sydney are commonly referred to as street art. Nowadays paintings are done on street walls and compound walls of homes, by local artists. Mural paintings have been indications that are left behind by people who have existed and lived in various locations around the world. Here is a list of characteristics of mural paintings by Australian Mural Artists which enables you to easily identify them and distinguish it from the rest.

Characteristics of mural paintings:

  • Mural paintings in Australia are one of the oldest artworks of the ancient man. The primitive mural paintings were done with natural tools collected from nature and drawn on the inside of caves, rocks, and rough surface areas.  These are indications of ancient human settlements around the world. It depicts the talents and skills of the human settlements and the development of the minds.
  • It is also and an indication of the activities of the ancient human civilizations and what they indulged in. The ancient mural paintings contain scenes from religious ceremonies hunting,  collecting of food and berries, family life, funerals and more.
  • In painted wall murals in Sydney, one can see the bridging of the gap between realism and artistic style.  Most of them will have a  depth to the painting. 
  • Australian Mural Artists portray feelings, thoughts, expressions of emotions and more through Mural paintings.  It was a way of expressing oneself through feelings, body postures and hand movements. 
  • Over the years, mural paintings have also included political growth and development in a particular area.  Mural paintings also capture the local culture and portray incidences on various aspects of life. Mural paintings cover religion, devotion, everyday life activities, to love making and more.
  • Mural paintings are considered artworks that have three dimensions to it. 
  • Over the years Australia has seen a growth in the talent for mural paintings and street art.  It gives encouragement and assistance to these talents. 


This Australian Mural Artist uses spray paint to do mural paintings. Adnate has now moved on to fine art. The mural paintings done by him has been deeply influenced by renaissance paintings of centuries ago.  These moral paintings just make the viewer stop in his tracks and gazetted admiringly.

Anthony Lister.

This is an Australian born mural artist. His paintings have been featured widely across exhibitions in Australia and around the world as well.

Anya brock.

Anya Brock is a world-renowned iconic Australian mural artist.  She is well known for her vibrant and spirited painting strokes.  Mural paintings provoke emotion and speak its own visual language.


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