Die Cut Cardboard Boxes- Everything You Should Know About It

Nowadays, packing boxes have become a great relief when it comes to providing services from manufacturers. Die-cutting is a process in which a thin flat sheet is given specific shape and size. Various materials are given the shape using machines or steel cutting die plates. The plate is punched out with the shapes or patterns that make these die-cut cardboard boxes different from each other. All the sheets are easily designed in the same pattern quickly. These boxes allow manufacturers to pack and supply their products in style. These die-cut boxes not only preserves the items but also provides a way to display the products alluringly.

These die cut cardboard boxes come in various types and have a wide variety of usage. We will be discussing them here one by one.

Types Of Die Cut Boxes

There are many kinds of die-cut cardboard boxes that are ruling the market today. Here are the names of some of them:

Mailer Boxes

These are the bests selling die-cut boxes. The box has a self-locking lid that can be opened and closed many times. There are perfect for packing the retail products and hence are in huge demand. These type of die cut cardboard boxes are preferred for the delivery of online products. Moreover, customised inserts are also placed in these boxes for placing more than one product securely.

Suitcase Boxes

These are the self-closing boxes with a handle to carry them and that makes them perfect for convention trade shows. These die-cut cardboard boxes add a twist to the usual packing style. These types of boxes are ideal for packaging of promotional products, children’s toys, footwear, etc. 

Tote Boxes

These die-cut cardboard boxes are made from the cardboard sheets that can be folded easily. The can be snap-locked in place and don’t need tape or glue to be sealed. The best thing about these boxes is that they are shipped flat. They are high in demand for packaging of products in retail shops and outlets, for trade shows, promotion and many such things.

Ballot Boxes

You must have seen these type of die-cut cardboard boxes in many places. These are used in shops, malls and outlets for lucky draws, complaints, suggestions and so on. These boxes have a drop slot on the top that allows the sheet of paper or similar small items to be slipped inside. These are also very useful in the election type promotion of a product as well. Die-cut ballot boxes also come in varieties like gift boxes, custom bin boxes, etc.

These boxes are used widely across various industries. You can see these boxes in bakeries. They use them for doughnuts, pastries, cupcakes and many such items. Jewellery shops are not far behind in the use of these boxes. It was not so previously, but today even jewellery stores are getting innovative with their packaging. Many companies use these boxes for packaging and shipping their product. These box are ruling the market today and we will be seeing a lot more of them in foreseeable future. 


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