Read This Article Where We Bust The Biggest Rumours About Usage Of Air Conditioning In Covid 19 Time

COVID-19’s pandemic has changed everything about us, but one of the biggest implications is just around the corner. And that’s the use of air conditioning, particularly in humid, moist, sticky Aussie summers. Air conditioning Sydney was the solution to instant cooling due to torrid weather. With the summers already in, we’re curious if it’s possible to turn on an AC or even switch to centralised air conditioning? What if a positive COVID-19 person is breathing in the same air as me? Will I have been optimistic now? In this article, we are here to address all your questions while countering the misconceptions of common air conditioning with facts:

Rumour: ACs triggers infectious flu-like symptoms

Fact: The flu or influenza strain is caused by the virus and not by the temperature of the body or the surrounding environment. So, the use of air conditioning sydney does not make you ill on your own. If you sanitize your air and control your indoor humidity, you will stay safe.

Rumour: The use of air conditioners can spread the virus

Fact: The problem is, in reality, primarily central air conditioning systems. This central air conditioning units use industrial air filters for the circulation of cold air. These industrial filters can eliminate coarse activities by design.

Now, assume that these filters are like normal face mask cloths. Although they would shield us from larger particles, they would neither eradicate finer particulate matter. In this case, the N-95 mask filters out at least 95% of the airborne contaminants.

We will need stronger air filters, including these masks, to shield ourselves from coronavirus. For hospitals or ICUs that need superior air quality, these N-95 masks are HEPA filters. These HEPA filters also avoid the transmission of bacterial and viral species in the air adds air conditioning Sydney expert.

Hospital air conditioning devices that use such filters often have high-energy ultraviolet lighting panels with an antimicrobial coating to remove live bacteria and viruses caught by the filter. These HEPA units are 99.995 per cent effective to guard against any other infection. Returning to the issue, the efficiency of central air conditioning sydney will decide whether or not you would be safe from the virus. This, in fact, can require most buildings to convert to HEPA filters and medical-grade ACs.

Rumour: keeping rooms locked when using an Air conditioning system.

Fact: If you turn on the air conditioning sydney, stop locking or shutting rooms without any degree of ventilation. The cooled air is recirculated by room air conditioners and can become stale in terms of breathability for some time, with a build-up of exhaust gases. Keeping the window partially open would allow the exhaust gases to go out and bring fresh air suggests air conditioning sydney technician.

Rumour: Cooler temperatures are killing the virus

Fact: Low-temperature air conditioners can not keep you protected from the virus or cause it to become non-functional. They do, though, weaken your immunity due to variations in body temperature. Instead, we will encourage you to keep air conditioning sydney temperature levels between 24 degrees and 30 degrees, so that you’re comfortable, but don’t have to experience an indoor cold. 


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