Playful And Modern Kids Bathroom

Are you struggling with bathing your kids? Most kids throw tantrums when taken for a shower. Kids are more likely to scream and shout with shampooing hair. Indeed, it is one of the most disliked things for kids. However, transforming a bathroom for attracting kids is a great idea. 

Kids like colours, cute designs, and accessories. This brings out their playful nature. And it might just stop them from throwing unwanted tantrums. When the bathrooms are active, kids would want to spend time. Remodel the bathroom with cute tiles. Add accessories that kids like and witness the change. 

  • Designing a Modern Bathroom for Kids 

The bathroom showrooms in Sydney will provide you with the much-needed inspiration. Kids’ bathroom must be playful with practical designs. Add storage cabinets, towel racks, and toiletries for the kids. This gives the kids a sense of their space. A kid’s bathroom must have a functional design with the most safety. 

Kids love a bathroom that is colourful with exciting ideas. The cheerful environment attracts the kids. Small things like fixtures, the design of tapware, and tiles make a difference. Use a pop of colours to make the bathroom look modern, playful. Use attractive toilet seat and designs for sinks. 

Use of Functional and Safe Material for Kid’s Bathroom

  • The idea here to maximise the safety of the kids with functional utilities. List out all the stuff you need to construct and transform a modern into a kid’s zone. The bathroom showrooms Sydney has a range of products. Mix and match and combine colours to create a modern bathroom for kids. 
  • Start with the fixtures first. The fixtures for shower or tapware are an essential commodity for the bathroom. It makes the bathroom functional. Purchase basin, bath and shower set for basic functionality. 
  • Always use anti-slip tiles to ensure the safety of the child. Add colourful or designer tiles for the kids. Kids love cartoons or Disney characters, or superheroes. Use tiles with such prints for making the bathroom suitable for kids.
  • Add functional furniture like a cabinet, rack, and stool. Purchase a wardrobe that is bright in colour or with some designs. This will automatically attract the kids. Use kid-friendly stools for the kids in the bathroom.
  • Invest in practical and high utility accessories. Instead of purchasing plain stainless hooks, use colourful ones. Add a towel rack and keep all the towels in the same place. Use cute accessories like soap holder, brush stand, soap rack etc.  

Efficient and Long Term Kid-Friendly Bathroom

The bathroom should have moderate kiddish designs. Eventually, the kids will grow up and lose interest in the cartoon tiles. Use a combination of kid stuff along with shared bathroom utilities to create a modern, playful bathroom. For the bathtub, fix a railing on the wall to prevent the kid from slipping. 

To maximise safety, get rid of sockets and open appliances. Use sensor-based technology for controlling heating or lights. Use bright colours and themed bathroom to make the bathroom unique. Make sure to use an antibacterial coating to prevent microbial pathogens from infecting. 


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