All You Need to Know About Perfect Guest Posting

One of the best ways to gain exposure for your site is by posting blogs on guest posting sites. Guest posting increases your visibility to new readers and, if your guest post includes links back to your website, it will also improve your website's search engines profile. If you are tired of writing multitudes of guest blog posts only to have them rejected, featured on low ranking sites, or are not converting traffic at all, then continue reading to learn how to create premium guest posts on the best guest posting sites!

Research for the Best Guest Posting Site

Before beginning to craft your post, consider the guest posting site you are posting on first. Read other guest posts and see their quality level and how they are formatted to glean a bit of knowledge on how yours should look (or how to stand out from the crowd!). Additionally, read some of the comments on the blog itself and try to formulate an idea of the audience you are going to be blogging for. Consider the posts that feature the most remarks and analyze what they have in common. To generate the most ROI on your blog post, it is essential that your post generates comments and creates a buzz on that particular guest posting site.

Craft Your Post to the Best

Crafting your post should take a considerable amount of time. You need to make it in an appropriate length for the subject you chose. Instead of quickly running through and writing a post that meets a 300-word minimum, ignore your word count. Instead, write everything relevant to your post and keep it at a very high level of quality because it not only will ensure that the guest posting site webmaster approves it, but also that you get a positive reader response.

Create Inbound and Outbound Links

Instead of just having your own link in the post, consider several others, both inbound and outbound.  Consider adding an outbound link so that it doesn't look like you are solely shoving your backlink into a reader's face. Interlinking is an excellent Search Engine Optimization strategy that is a must for any blog. Outbound links have proven to be very useful for guest blogging as well. Make sure your links are helpful to the audience and also ensure that the links are 100% related to the content you have posted on the guest posting site.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Guest Posting :

Do not prioritize quantity over quality

If you churn out ten posts in twenty minutes for various blogs, then you are likely wasting your valuable time. It is highly doubtful that these posts are going to be intriguing, maintain a good flow, or even have all of the qualifications needed to be accepted onto strict and high PR guest posting site. Spend twenty minutes on a single post instead and reap the rewards from bagging a fantastic backlink! If you don't have the time to spend on a great blog post, consider hiring a content writing service instead! If your content is engaging, entertaining, and solves a problem, it is highly likely that people will link to it by themselves.

Avoid Using Boring Topics

Whether it's a boring title or topic, you are losing out on readers. Make it attractive and steal their attention instantly! Use the keyword research you have done to find practical problems in the niche and provide an excellent solution with a catchy title that has to be clicked after posting it on a guest posting site.

Do Not Focus On a Low PR Guest Posting Site.

Focus your attention on guest posting site that will prove to be a valuable backlink source, not ones that are sketchy and low quality. If you are having problems in finding high PR guest posting site that can accept your guest blog posts, then consider purchasing a guest posting service from a reliable SEO company. 


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