Personal Factors To Consider Before Choosing Bathroom Tiles

Designer bathroom tiles
Designer bathroom tiles

Earlier the bathroom designing trends were limited to very few designs because of the lack of tiles in the market. The trend of bathroom designing came up when the manufacturers came up with hundreds of unique and beautiful designer bathroom tiles. These tiles were made of different colours, styles, patterns, lustre, and shape. These tiles gave people a free hand to use their creativity in designing their bathroom. The whole crux of the bathroom lies in the kind of tiles you used. 

Every piece of our homes is a reflection of who we are. Thus, it becomes crucial that you consider these personal factors before choosing your tiles as well. 

1. Taste And Preferences

It would help if you thought about your taste and preferences. Often, it happens that what may be in trend presently may not suit your taste. This is why you need to explore all the options that are present in the market. Then you need to identify what you like and then make the selection. Don’t ever go with the trends of the market. 

2. The Surroundings

People select the tiles as per their house surroundings. The colour and shades of the tiles depend on the factor of what is surrounding people’s house. If there are a lot of trees, then people tend to go for more natural colours. If there are just residential towers or buildings, then people tend to go for more modern colours. This is a psychological phenomenon that affects the selection of designer bathroom tiles.

3. Play With Colours

You don’t need to choose only one single colour for your bathroom tiles. You can choose to use multiple colours as well. People even go to the extent of using 6-8 colours for their bathroom flooring and walls. All that matters is you create a proper pattern of these colours and not haphazardly use them. 

4. Personality 

The choice of the pattern depends mainly on your personality. It may happen that you won’t like what everyone likes. Talk to your interior designer as to what you want your bathroom to reflect. Believe it or not, the bathroom is a style statement too. People spend months designing their bathroom and choosing the decor for their bathroom. 

5. Budget

Although, a choice to use the best material is an investment. Still, this factor is very crucial for tile selection. It would be best if you always had a proper plan about how much you are ready to spend on your designer bathroom tiles. These tiles come in all the ranges. You would be astonished to know the prices of some of the most premium tile collections. What you need to see is how much you can spend. 


The bottom line is, it’s your home and your bathroom. It doesn’t matter what people are using for their bathroom. What matters is what you want to use. The best thing to do is hire professional interior designers, and then only you will be able to create a perfect bathroom space for yourself.


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