Wooden Gates or Aluminium Gates – Which is Right for You?

Since the beginning of time, wood has been essential for construction, be it for building gates, houses, boats, furniture, or any other kind of shelter. For new domestic housing purposes, wood has always been a popular material for constructing gates. It never fails to provide a classic look to your driveway or estate. Customised and engineered wooden gates in the northern beaches are preferred both for commercial and residential buildings. It never fails to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your interior and exterior space. 

With our lives becoming fast-paced, people look for products that require low maintenance and are durable. And so aluminium gates northern beaches is becoming a rising trend. Most of the wooden gates are now being replaced with automatic or manual aluminium gates. It is lightweight, durable and cost practical, keeping your safety intact without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your estate.


If you are confused about choosing between wooden gates and aluminium gates on northern beaches, then you should consider the following factors:

  • Strength and Durability: Aluminium is one of nature's greatest miracles. It is a lightweight and non-corrosive material, perfect for constructing gates. Unlike wooden gates, aluminium gates on northern beaches do not wear down quickly. It is a durable material, unlike wood that expands or constricts when exposed to different weather conditions.
  • Appearance & Appeal- Though wooden gates have their aesthetic appeal, they must be polished and painted now and then to maintain their look. But with aluminium gates, this isn't the case. It bears a remarkable resemblance to silver and, therefore, gives a shiny look. As it is ductile, it is easier to bond, weld and rivet into ornate aluminium gates, keeping the ambience of your estate intact.
  • Easy to Maintain and Repair- Everyone seeks low maintenance product with a greater life span. Wooden gates require heavy maintenance. They're susceptible to damage. No matter how careful you are with wooden gates, they may crack, swell or rot. On the contrary, aluminium gates can give you a wooden look but stay intact for years on end. Not many know that aluminium has a protective layer of oxide that make them rust-resistant. Just a wipe with a clean, dry or damp cloth, and its maintenance is done. This factor makes aluminium gates on northern beaches to be high in demand.
  • Cost-Effective- Relatively aluminium gates are not that expensive, unlike high-quality wooden gates. And if you are thinking of installing automatic gates, then aluminium is the perfect material for it. As it is a good conductor of electricity and lightweight, automating and installing it is easier. Irrespective of gates being manual or automatic, aluminium gates can look as natural as wooden gates as they can be coloured and textured like natural wood and stay that way for more than ten years or so. 


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