5 Quick Tips To Help You Keep The Shower Screens Clean

We use the shower to get clean but what we fail to remember is that the shower screen and everything around it get dirty in the process. Dirty shower screens do not add to the aesthetics and serve a part of the purpose for which it was initially installed – uplifting the look of the bathroom.

When you have a clean and shiny shower screen, the indoor air stays fresh, there is better longevity for the glass and you get a good feeling whenever you enter the bathroom. Installers for shower screens in eastern suburbs of Sydney agree that while periodic cleaning of the bathroom is a necessity, keeping the shower screen clean can be a quick task that you can accomplish after every bath. 

Here are a few tips that can help you keep your shower screen spotless which stays new for long:

1. Avoid letting soap water to dry on the surface:

While bathing, no matter how careful you are, there are chances that soap water gets sprayed on the shower screen and it dries up to a white layer later. This can get difficult to clean especially when there is a build-up when left untouched for days altogether. To avoid such a situation where you spend hours on making your shower screen spotless, keep a sponge cleaning pad handy. Dealers for shower screens in eastern suburbs Sydney suggest that once you are done, clean the screen immediately and if you have used hot water for bathing, the steam can help in better cleaning. Once dry, the screen would look perfectly clean. 

2. Use a squeegee to clean the screen:

If you find sponge cleaning to be a messy affair, try using a squeegee to clean the liquid residue on the shower screen, This is likely to remove scum, water and make the surface dry. This will also prevent staining and scratches to the screen while keeping it clean and giving it better longevity for the days to come.

3. Use homemade cleaning techniques:

It is said that anything that has citric content in it can remove dirt stains easily. For dirty shower screens, you can make use of a lemon slice with baking soda and rub it on the screen. You can also consider liquid soaps that have citric content in them resulting in a spotless and clean screen. Installers for shower screens in eastern suburbs Sydney say that you can also try using vinegar to the surface but if there is stone or probably ceramic tiles on the walls and floors, avoid using it.  You would not want them to corrode. 

4. Buy over the counter cleaning liquids:

If you cannot trust yourself with lemon and vinegar, try getting an over the counter cleaning liquid that is fit to clean glass. Most of them are mild in nature and to use that, you could consider using a soft cloth just so that there is nothing abrasive or hard to create scratches on the surface of the screen. Ask an installer for shower screens in eastern suburbs of Sydney and they would agree that these cleaning liquids are easy on the hand as well as the screen while making it the right purchase. 

5. Do not use a laundry detergent:

The dealers for shower screens in eastern suburbs Sydney say that most laundry detergents contain abrasive materials that are good for the stains in the clothes but not for the screens. While that too creates foam and lather, it is not necessary that it is perfect to clean your shower screen.     


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