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Office designs are adjusting to all the dramatic changes in the current employee work habits. Some are associated with bright open spaces with collaborative space, and then you have cube farms for the rest. Enabled with all kinds of modern gadgets and wireless technology, workers can practically work from anywhere and anytime they like. On any given day, many workers are off-site, and their workstations lay empty. But, that cannot compensate for the beauty of office fitout, Sydney, in any way, shape or form.

The beauty of face to face interactions

Even though technology has made it a lot easier for office workers to stay in touch with one another virtually, but the beauty of face to face interactions and solving problems together is still up to heights. Many innovative ideas are born not just during the scheduled meetings but also in some major gatherings. So, while the workstations are being slimmed down, space for informal interactions and meetings is growing.

office fitout in Sydney
office fitout in Sydney

Nowadays, you are likely to come across some of the new office fitout in Sydney, which is designed attractively and spaced out for various groups and even in-person collaboration. It will include conference rooms for any sized groups. For some of the informal interactions, you have small lounges, cafes and books with some comfortable chairs as well!

Making way for some shrinking workstations

Right now, the individual workstation-based square footage is slashed down dramatically, mainly when you check out the modern office fitout, Sydney, for some ideas. In some instances, it is even less than half of any traditional size. The main goal here is to allow organisations to devote enough space for informal interactions and meetings.

  • Previously, the workstations used to be 8 feet by 8 feet, or 8’ x 10’. But, right now, it has drastically shrunk to 6’ x6’. 
  • One major factor in such office fitout, Sydney changes was the technology miniaturisation. 
  • Laptops with in-built flat screens are taking the place of the bulky and bigger PCs. And you can see a change in desktop phones by replacing those with cell phones.

No need for those high partitions any longer

Workstations are just not shrinking, but they are becoming more open than they used to be. Partitions are being junked out completely, or their height is now being lowered to foster some greater employee interaction. You can check out modern office fitout, Sydney, for some such examples. 

  • Some firms are getting rid of their private offices. They are even reducing the number of their partition office spaces significantly.
  • However, you can find some exceptions in this section. You will still find the use of partition walls in the HR and accounts department, as these areas have to deal with confidential matters.

Overall, the concept of big and bulky office spaces is now coming to an end, especially with modern office fitout, Sydney taking their places. Right now, it is more like a personal group of friends/employees who are working on new ideas together.


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