Reasons Why You Should Choose Window Security Screens For Your Business

The management of a company can be costly, and the last thing you want to think about is the expense of fixing the damage. When working from the premises with several windows, you may want to consider shielding the windows. The cost of replacing windows is high, and even one broken window may result in hundreds of pounds being billed. These are only a few of the reasons you want your company in Sydney to find security screens window and shields.

Deter Vandals and Thieves

The benefit of installing a security screen window in Sydney is that because of its sturdy nature and construction, it not only protects the windows but also deters vandals and thefts. Generally, vandals are opportunists trying to break some windows before they head off into the night. These window screens cause vandals to think twice, and take away a fast smash and dash appeal. There are specialized vandal shields that consist of an aluminium frame fitted with a 2 mm perforated steel mesh. Such shields provide excellent security and are an alternative, which is very cost-effective.

Save On Repair Costs

Whether you are regularly replacing glass in one window, or your company faces frequent attacks of random vandalism, these security fly screens available in Sydney could save you a substantial amount of money year after year. The Safety Shield is another safer alternative. They are similar to the vandal shield but have a thicker frame of aluminium and for extra protection have welded corners.

Perfect For Any Building

Another alternative is the clear vision window shield, particularly for those buildings that can either not be fitted with aluminium safety shields or have aesthetically appealing windows. Such a form of window security is invisible but gives every window a strong barrier. These security fly screens available in Sydney are made of hammer glass and provide the utmost protection for your windows and can withstand damage from most hand tools.

Expert Design and Fitting Service

The expert and experienced fitter team will ensure that all security screens windows are installed with the utmost care and are on hand to address any questions you might have about our service, rates, or products.

The Cost-Effective Window Protection Solution

It can be frustrating to come to work and find another window smashed or vandalized. You have the protection to worry less about your business, but you still have to find the money to pay for repairs. It can also put pressure on company finances for small businesses. Whether you are working in a high-crime environment, or vandals regularly target your business, you can get a variety of window security options.


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