What Are The Significant Advantages Of Timber Flooring In Sydney?

timber flooring sydney
timber flooring sydney

Timber flooring has been popular for years and is augmenting in admiration day by day. This article discusses the lucrative leverages of timber flooring.

  • Extremely Durable: 

Indeed, one of the most significant leverages of timber flooring is its longevity and durability. Natural wood is durable and robust and can very well withstand tear and wear for years. That's the reason why some vintage period homes still possess their original floors.

  • Variety Of Colours And Styles: 

Another potential leverage of timber is that it is very flexible and versatile. Whether you prefer an appealing contemporary room or you wish to become a fan of vintage styles, you can identify timber flooring that compliments your existing decor. Timber flooring in Sydney arrives in various colours, styles, textures, finishes, patterns and species. 

You have a wide array of choice from spotted gum to grey ironbark in colours that range from light to dark or even go for an exotic species. At the same time, light-coloured timbers are better suited for a small and darkroom. Dark colours create visual integrity and make the room appear more stylish.

  • Premium Appeal And Feel: 

As far as delivering a premium appeal and comfort for the residents, no other flooring can even scratch the surface of timber flooring. Notwithstanding, some human-made floorings are engineered and haywire to imitate the pattern and texture of wood species. They are not considered as authentic as hardwood.

  • Simple Installation: 

Compared to the same degree and intensity, timber flooring augments the room's appeal and appearance. It is easy to install. While you can install timber flooring yourself, it is better to hire a professional to obtain the project undertaking to be executed. Most of the errors are not only a waste of precious timbers but can collapse the whole appearance.

While timber flooring requires an almost sub-flooring, timbers are peculiarly thick. They can recompense for small emerging differences in the floor height. So, you don't have to fear possessing a perfectly flat sub-flooring. The best mechanism is that planks are trimmed together, and you remove them quickly when relocating.

  • Easy To Maintain: 

Peculiarly, you do not need more than regular wiping and mopping as well as occasional vacuuming to upkeep your timber floor in pristine condition. That's nowhere near as carpet or other flooring alternatives that spills go through as soon as they happen.

  • Sanding And Polishing: 

Suppose you are not delighted with the appeal of your timber flooring, no problem, rather than substituting it with new flooring. In that case, you can deliver the flooring a facelift through sanding and finishing. Now, your valuable old flooring appears as it was for the first day. This feature protects you by saving a lot of money and time, and you would get rid of the frustration of buying new flooring. 

A quality timber flooring peculiarly requires sanding and finishing every ten years. Since planks are thick and dense enough to be sanded and finished every three to five years, then you can very well anticipate that timbers would bear with you for more than a decade.


Thus, to conclude, timber flooring is the best perfect investment you can source in your home decoration. It is durable and easy to maintain and helps you save money, eliminating flooring maintenance and substitution costs. And if maintained appropriately, it can very well withstand the test of fines for decades even without the necessity for sanding and finishing.


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