Rules To Clean Up Solar Panels for Better Performance

The very first thought that bothers the owners of solar panels is cleaning and maintenance. It has to be done correctly to make sure it remains free from dust and grime. What appears to the most challenging part for cleaning the solar panels is maintaining the safety rules and not messing up the electrical components.

You must have a complete guideline for solar panel maintenance to make sure you don't end up the damaging the expensive panels anyhow. Go through the following to know the cleaning and maintenance tips to upkeep the solar panels in Kelso NSW you have installed.

How Frequently You Have to Clean the Solar Panels?

The reputed supplier of branded solar panels suggests for an annual inspection and maintenance. Not only for cleaning, but you should be checking the health of crucial elements. You have to ensure that the panels are performing in the right way and the equipment is free from damage or wear signs.

If you have one of the best roof solar panels,  the safety precautions to be taken with more attention, and, that's why you may need to seek professional help for the inspection and maintenance.

Top 5 Tips of Solar Panel Cleaning                          

However, if you decide to do it on your own, here is the rule book you should be following.

  • As mentioned in the above section, you should not be climbing the roof for cleaning the solar panels just like that. Ensure that you have the right safety equipment and gear ready before you start climbing.
  • Don’t just carry on any cleaning method without knowing whether it is harmless for cleaning the solar panels. Check out the handbook that comes with the panels where the cleaning instructions and recommendations are appropriately mentioned.
  • If its winter and you are getting up on the roof, that won’t be a problem. However, if it is summer in Australia, you should never get on the roof during the day as the sun will be too hot to handle. Start cleaning during early mornings or late afternoon.
  • For cleaning the solar panels, using your garden hose will be just perfect. But, if the amount of dust and grime is too much, you can use soapy water for the same. Make sure you don’t try to use the scrub or any hard bristles to clean the solar panels. Instead, use long extensions to squeeze the soapy water and gently wash the spills off.
  • Quit using any abrasive chemicals or any other harsh products for cleaning the solar panels. Once cracked, the panels will not perform as usual. 


There is no need to clean up the solar panels quite frequently unless and until you find out that the grime or dust is hampering the performance of your panels. Most of the panels usually feature anti-cling film that is dust-resistant. Leave the necessary cleaning to the rain as Australian rain is enough to keep the panels clean and maintained.


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