Security Fencing Do’s And Don’ts

All homeowners are aware that a good security fence is the most critical defence line against unwanted intruders on your property. But what is the definition of a good security fence? This kind of fence installation is all about paying attention to details. 

If you want to install security fencing in the Central Coast that will truly protect your property, here is what you should do and what you shouldn’t. 

The do’s

  • Check with your local building authority

Before installing a security fence on your property, find out whether you need to fill in some permits.  There is a specific limit of length that you need to maintain while installing a residential security fence. For backyard fencing, the limit is a maximum of 6 feet, and for front fencing, the height should range between 3-4 feet. 

  • Contact your homeowner’s insurance provider

Security fence installation comes with comparatively fringe benefits when dealing with lowered premiums. Ask your insurer about any particular conditions that they offer. 

  • Remember the actual function of a security fence

The majority of the break-ins are random based on how easy it is to get into a house. Ensure that your security fencing on the central coast is designed to stop lawbreakers before they even think of entering your property. 

  • Do consider an electric fence

Receiving an electric shock upon touching your security fence poses a potent deterrent to some potential vandal or a would-be intruder. An electric fence is often the best and cost-effective way to fill your home security needs. 

  • Do make the residential fence pleasant to look at

Besides security, it is essential to offer you and your family a feeling of comfort. To add a welcoming feel, you should try to soften the look of a strong metal fence by adding some natural green hedges. 

The don’ts

  • Don’t let the height restrictions bewilder you 

Ensure that stress passers will not be able to climb over your fence. For example, you can consider installing a chain-link fence with a small weave that will not offer convenient footholds or handholds. You can also adopt some additional measures like topping the wall with spikes or installing a second row a few feet inside the first fence row. 

  • Don’t ignore the importance of a perfect gate

Keep in mind that you should fix all hardware solidly in place. Try to build your gate as tall as the fence so that it will not be a weak point. You should install necessary backup like additional lighting, an intercom system, iris, and fingerprint recognition technology.  

  • Don’t install a fence that can conceal a would-be intruder

Are you planning for wood security fencing on the Central Coast? If yes, it is good to go for a sturdy palisade style, allowing more visibility than a close board fence. 

Bottom line

No matter whatever, you do remember that security fencing on the Central Coast is not a suitable DIY project. You need professional know-how. To start with, you should do your research and clarify your security needs. Finally, you should call a reliable fence company and get proper expert security fence solutions. 


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