Garage Doors: A Complete Guide

A garage is a valuable property of every owner. It is like a home for vehicles that houses and protects them. A garage's door plays an important part in its security level. This is why the selection of a door needs to be taken seriously. Many different materials are used for door construction. In Sydney, timber garage doors are more popular than ever today. Here are some of their benefits and how you can buy the best timber garage doors in Sydney.

Qualities Of Timber Garage Doors


Wood is a naturally tough material. It can last for years in a variety of conditions. It can be extremely durable, depending on the type of timber used. Most of them are strong enough to be used for the garage. Unlike metal doors, timber doors are dent-proof. Impacts will not compromise its security value or appearance. Wood neither rusts nor deforms like metals and plastic can. Most of the timbers are exceptionally lightweight as well. Thus, the strain generally upon opening and closing the door is considerably low. Hence, it lasts longer. 

Aesthetic Versatility 

Timber provides a lot of aesthetic value to a garage. It has a naturally classy appearance that suits all styles and preferences. Wood can be painted upon, and there is a great scope for customisation. Timber garage doors in many designs are available in Sydney. They come with different textures and engravings as well. 


Wood is a cheaper substitute for both metal and plastic. Investing in a timber door will save you a good amount of money. 


Timber is a naturally obtained material that is renewable. Using timber doors is better for our environment in these times when climate change is a serious issue. 

Natural Insulation 

Wood is a natural insulator. Using a timber door will eliminate the need for insulation procedures. Hence, more money is saved by investing in timber doors.

How To Find The Best Timber Garage Doors?

Sydney has a large market of timber garage doors to offer. There are some considerations you need to keep in your mind while going for the purchase.

Type Of Timber

Timber has a lot of types that possess different qualities. You can choose it based on your preference or your first priority. 

Plywood, for instance, is the cheapest and the lightest timber. But it not durable.

White and red oaks are hard and affordable but heavier in size.

Cedar and mahogany are two of the most durable and long-lasting types of timber. They both are resistant to pests and moisture as well. Both are customisable but more expensive than the rest.

Cost And Maintenance 

You should always keep your budget in mind while buying a garage door. There are many affordable timber types. The level of customisation you prefer can increase or decrease your expenses as well.

Reputation Of A Seller

Reputation is built upon quality. Before settling with any option, it is necessary to cross-check their reputation through user reviews and complaints. 


B & D garage doors are a trademark in Sydney and there are many companies associated with them. You don't have to go out of your way to buy B & D garage doors. Just follow the above-mentioned steps and you will get an ideal timber garage door.


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