Fall Protection in Construction – Everything you should know

There are a lot of reasons why fall protection is important for your business. Occupational Safety and Health Administration mentions fall protection as being the most common workplace safety violation. In order to ensure high safety to your workplace, the construction companies should ensure height safety procedures or use height safety products every day. 

When the safety systems are not compliant, the business owners are held liable and they are subjected to serious claims. For instance, when the platform is 4 feet or more, above the adjacent ground, then it must be protected with a fall protection railing or guard railing for protecting the employees from falling to lower levels. 

What are the general safety rules established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)?

If there are no precautions in the workplace, the employees or workers could fall a distance liable to cause personal injuries or deaths. There are few safety tips to consider if your employees work at heights.

Use the fall protection railing – This is one of the easiest ways to ensure your worker’s safety and to achieve compliance. You cannot run a successful business unless you guarantee the worker’s safety and generate good ROI. There are multiple configurations of fall protection railing from many companies in Australia providing extremely popular roof guard railing that permanently eliminate the risk of fall down from the roof. Some of the features of versatile fall protection railings are

1. They are free standing structures and will not cause any kind of damages to the roofs

2. Most of these structures are made of aluminum tubing that offers a longer life span

3. They are made of high adhesion rubber bases.

4. Parapet walls are not mandatory for the construction of fall protection railing. They can be built either with or without parapet walls

5. They are quick and easy to install without any compliance 

Choose the best personal fall arrest system- When your business is using a personal fall arrest system, you are liable to choose the ANSI standard body harnesses regardless of their price. At few instances, even the most expensive full-body harnesses could not provide the right level of comfort to your employees. So while purchasing the body harness, determine all the aspects and end with a good choice. 

Similarly, lanyards must be properly selected. They are invariably dependent on the height of the workplace site. 

Even if someone falls off from a distance, the fall protection system should ensure that the individual doesn’t plunge to death and at the same time, minimize injuries.

It is the paramount responsibility of the employers to train their employees about the possible workplace and activity hazards besides providing the protective equipment.


Employee safety is often important for business success so don’t hesitate to care for your employees.


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