How Effective Is The Lifting Chain?

The lifting chains are known for their durability, extremely long service and versatility. Generally, it is used in many various industries for heavy and rough duty applications. All this is because of the benefits it offers. This can be made from many approved materials, and it is regularly used for overhead lifting. Especially, 2 legs lifting chains are widely used in the construction industry. 

It is highly used in conjunction with the crane, manual or powered hoist or some other lifting device. The overhead type of lifting chains is fabricated from numerous types of materials. Each comes with particular characteristics with various benefits. 


There are also various types of lifting chains that are classified with their legs. 

  • Lifting chains 1 leg
  • Lifting chains 2 leg
  • Lifting chains 3 leg
  • Lifting chains 4 leg

Unique Characteristics Of Lifting Chains

Versatility and durability are the primary reason these lifting chains are primarily used for. The configurations of it may differ from one lifting requirement to another, so proper care is necessary to choose the right one. The official website of the trustworthy lift chain manufacturer should have all the significant details of the product. 

Especially, the lifting chains 2 leg is used by most people due to high beneficial effect. This also carries detailed information so you can check the features, specifications and configuration of the lifting chain before making a purchase. It is highly important to choose lifting chains with high tensile strength.

About 2 Legs Lifting Chains

There are various types of lifting chains in the construction industry, and the lifting chains 2 leg is the most applicable when it comes to lifting the heavy loads in the loading areas. It is highly used in shipping, aircraft, etc. This is highly sturdy, and it is super suitable for cumbersome loads.

Depending on the length, the high efficiency and tensile is declared. The chain of this product can come up with different fittings and components. It is highly used in the construction industry to lift heavy loads like concrete slabs, skip bins, pipes and other building materials. 

Know What You Are Lifting

Before you specify a sling to be used for your requirement, you must completely understand its application. You should also know how it will be used. You can select the best lifting chain material and the best configuration that best suits your lift process with the following information. The required information will include 

  • Center of gravity
  • Weight of the object to be lifted
  • Number of attachment points for having balanced lifting
  • Reach of the object
  • The geometry of life also consists of the chain angles 
  • Upper and lower fitting requirements
  • Clearance of any height restrictions
  • Ambient conditions

Final Words

These mentioned details would help you get some knowledge about the lifting chains and the highly used lifting chains 2 legs. Please make use of it to have the proper knowledge and to purchase the ideal lifting chain.


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