6 Elements To Help Select Ideal Toilet For Your Home

Selecting the right toilet suite is never easy. These are important for your bathroom. Toilets are the real reason why you have bathrooms.

You want to use the ideal toilet seat at home. It should be comfortable. You need to consider height and dimension. 

  • Good toilet suites come in different styles 
  • The fixture technique may vary
  • They are floor or wall mounting type

There are elements that you should consider before buying. Here below are the points you can consider.

1. Size

Size is the first important element to consider. It is a personal choice. You should feel comfortable when using it. Small or big size may not be appropriate.

The seat should be of the right size. Consider the bowl size. You can search for round or oval shape jars. The bowl is usually bigger in size as compared to the seat.

The one that you select should not be over or undersize.

2. Style

Style is more about one or two-piece toilet suites. Both types are not the same. If you have a traditional bathroom, you can install the one-piece type.

The two-piece type will always have a separate water tank facility. The seam is still common in both cases. You also have to consider a high or low tank base.

For high tank type, you may need to install a chain type flush unit. It depends on your needs.

3. Seat height

This factor refers to the distance between the floor and the seat. Toilet suites are best if they are around 17 inches from the ground. You can sit on the seat for a longer time.

This type makes you feel more comfortable. For elderly people, this height is the best. Kids may still find it difficult to access. If you have knee issues, then select one that has a high seat height.

Kids can still make use of toilet stools. You have to focus on the comfort factor. 

4. Flush type

Different toilet suites use different flushing techniques. Some are more advanced than others. Traditional types still use chain system.  For a small bathroom, the flush is best placed above the seat.

You can also look around for dual flush type options. It depends on water availability. Toilet Suites often consume excess water. The pressure is also important. 

Press button types are best for modern time bathrooms. You can have them as elegant as you want.

5. Placement

This refers to the place where you will place toilet suites. You can still select a wall mounting type for a small bathroom. The floor mounting type will occupy more space.

The size and dimension also may vary depending on the placement area. You need to remember that any small-sized suite will occupy 18 inches of floor area.

6. Colour

Colour is an important factor. Generally, people select white suites. But you can be more creative. You can select brown or any other colour.

Whatever you select should blend with the colour of the tiles and floor. You can have all the bathroom accessories in one colour as well. The choice is yours. Consider each factor before selecting.


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