What are the inspection checklists to buy a used skid steer loader?

Are you looking to buy the used skid steer loader? Then you need to inspect the used equipment. A skid steer loader is a versatile machine, which is used from construction to agriculture. The skid steer loader is well-equipped to tackle loading and unloading, trenching, paving, hammering, planting, and other jobs scores. When buying the used Kubota skid steer loader, you need to do some due diligence to determine that the seller’s prices are reasonable. Here we have listed some inspection checklists that help you to avoid some common pitfalls. 

Get previous records:

When you buy the used skid steer, you need to determine what types of job sites the machines have undergone (for example, construction vs forestry). Know that the harsher environment shortens the lifespan of the machine. Ask the dealer or an owner how many hours it has logged so that you can know operational hours it averaged daily. Make sure that it is handled by the one owner so that it will maintain a comparable shape. 

Review maintenance practices:

Reviewing maintenance records is important where it helps you know how the previous owner takes care of the vehicle. Routine maintenance ensures you to get better performance and improve life. By reviewing the servicing record, you can get to know about the machine's overall condition. While reviewing, you should also make sure how well the engine is maintained and diesel fuel tank capacity.

Bring your mechanic:

When investing in a used Kubota skid steer loader, bring the certified and expert mechanic with you. They are well-versed to do a thorough inspection of a model under consideration. There are stricter emissions regulations in some states. Mechanics know the particular information, carry out such inspection, and ensure you buy the right machine for you. 

Inspect the bucket:

In the skid steer, the bucket performs the main function to move dirt or gravel from one place to another. When you are buying, you should inspect the cutting teeth, panels, and overall body for damage and excessive wear and other repair signs. So, make sure that the bucket operates properly, including lifting and holding it in place. Otherwise, you need to replace the bucket. This may increase the cost. 

Run the engine:

When buying a used diesel or gas-powered skid steer, you should perform a complete engine check. It includes listening for loud knocks or rattling. When the engine is running, remove the oil cap to see it emits continuous darker smokes; weak compression could be the problem. Also, check that it has a spare diesel fuel tank. If the used tractor didn’t have a spare fuel tank, buy it to improve your productivity and keep your machine running long.

Take a test drive:

While you are buying a skid steer, you should take a test drive to determine everything and ensure that it works smoothly. 

Wrapping it up:

These are some checklists to buy the used Kubota skid steer loader. This guide helps you spend enough time to examine the machine to avoid buying a faulty machine. 


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