The Commonest Problems Encountered By Air Conditioners In Cars

Several issues could affect how your car air conditioning in Mascot works. Perhaps the commonest among them is a leaking refrigerant in said system. This leak can happen during the process of air conditioning. Therefore, it can be so difficult to precisely state the location of such a leak. The commonest locations where such leaks happen are the hose connections of the air conditioning hose unit. You may also see an oily substance gathering around the connection. This could be a source of the leak too. In such cases, sealants are needed to deal with the leak.

Blocked condenser

The condenser in your car air conditioning in the Mascot system is supposed to cool it again once it becomes hot owing to compression. For this, the system uses an airflow that passes through the frontal portion of your vehicle. This happens when you are driving. Debris from the road could end up blocking the condenser. In that case, it cannot cool the refrigerant properly. That would mean that an excessively heated refrigerant is being used to operate the air condition system. Soon, your car’s air conditioning would provide you with only hot air.

No air from the vents

You do not get any air from the vents of your car air conditioning in the Mascot system. This issue is different compared to only hot air coming from the vent. If you hire a knowledgeable technician, they will eliminate the problem easily after checking out the cause for the same. In such cases, they normally check the following parts of your car’s air conditioning system:

  • bad relays or blown fuses
  • blocked air intake
  • damages suffered by the blower resistor or blower motor
  • damaged hoses and belts

The solution to such a problem normally depends on the root cause of the problem.

You are getting only cool air but not the cold air that you want

Your car air conditioning in Mascot only provides you with cool air – the air is not as cold as you would ideally want it to be. In most cases, this happens because the refrigerant is not there in sufficient quantity. When there is a paucity of refrigerant in the system it lowers the pressure. This stops the clutch from triggering the compressor so it can start its cycle. Your system has enough refrigerant, but you still face the issue. In that case, this could happen because of a failed or blocked condenser or a failed clutch switch.

You hear strange noises

You hear strange noises coming from your car air conditioning in Mascot. Such noise normally emanates from a compressor that is dying. However, there are some other important issues in this case. Maybe the refrigerant is suffering from cross-contamination or perhaps the wrong lubricant has been used in the system. Other broken parts and holes can contribute to such a problem as well.

It feels moist within the car

This problem normally when debris or moisture gets trapped within the air conditioning system of your car. 

Apart from these, you could encounter problems like bad odour within the car.


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