Everything You Need To Check Before Choosing Export Packaging Services

If you are involved in a business that exports goods to different countries, you may know the importance of packaging. Many companies and governments may return back products if they don’t follow the packaging requirement. Thus, it is important to get details about export packaging and rules related to packaging if you want better returns for your business.

If you have never hired export packages and packaging material before, you need to know about the different types of packaging that are available. 

What Are The Types Of Export Packaging?

Following are the major types of export packaging material

Boxes And Crates

Boxes and crates are mainly used to ship goods internationally as well as nationally. These are safe packaging items as they help in keeping goods in good condition. Boxes and crates may be made up of different materials like wood and plastic. Thus, choose the material as per your need.


Pallets are used for export packaging as it helps to keep the goods in a stable position. It also provides a stable foundation for loads and it can be easily handled by using cranes. 


Drums are used as packaging for liquid and powdery goods. Drums are made up of a variety of materials like fibre, steel, and iron.


Containers are practical options for exporting goods. They are mostly made up of standard metals. Even big cars can be packaged easily by using containers.

How To Choose Best Export Packaging

Different countries have different rules and regulations regarding export packages and materials used. But, the following are some of the major factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing an export package:

Level Of Protection

The type of packaging that you choose also depends upon the level of protection you are looking for. Perishable goods and precious items need more protection. Thus, choose the packaging method accordingly. One of the best packaging items that can give you maximum protection is pallets and containers as they combine efficiency and excellence.


Certain goods can be tampered with or stolen. Thus, you need to choose packaging that can be sealed properly. Even container seals are the best ways to get maximum protection. Make sure that export packaging has be simple and they should only include the brand name and packaging details.

Transportation Mode

The mode of transportation used for exporting goods can also affect the choices you make for packaging. This means the packaging type may differ depending on whether the goods go through ocean shipment or air shipment. All goods that are transported by year need less protective packaging as compared to ocean shipments.

Cost And Charges

You can’t spend a million dollars on packaging alone. Thus, make sure to choose a packaging system that can’t hamper your overall packaging and shipment budget. You can get third party packaging services to get maximum convenience and ease.


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