Why Your Building Needs Intumescent Paint Sydney

paint with fire rated
paint with fire rated

When buildings catch fire, every construction material can stop the spread – even paint. Ideally, these materials should give building occupants sufficient time to escape and firefighters enough time to bring the fire under control. That’s what intumescent paint Sydney does. When exposed to flames or high temperatures, these coatings go through a multifaceted thermochemical reaction that compels them to inflate and lose its density. Fire spreads slower on these less-dense coatings. Intumescent coatings protect all building elements from the immediate impacts of high temperatures and raging flames. That’s why intumescent coating is the most-used fire-rated paint in the market. These paints are also the most cost-effective fire protection tool available to construction professionals. 

Understanding Intumescent Paints

The word ‘intumescent’ means ‘enlarging when heated.’ That’s exactly what intumescent paint Sydney does – they swell up to protect any and every material underneath. This fire-rated paint’s density drops and volume increases whenever it is exposed to high temperatures. Instead of acting as heat conductors, these paints act as insulating barriers. Most paints react to heat in a similar way, but the barriers created by intumescent paints are exponentially thicker. Overall, the time it takes for the flames to reach a building’s inner steelwork is much longer. This paint’s flame retardancy ensures your home’s steel structures retain their strength for as long as possible in the event of a fire. By the time your steelwork reaches critical failure temperatures, firefighters should arrive at the scene. 

Where Should You Use Intumescent Paint?

You can use intumescent paint Sydney in pretty much any building. In terms of appearance, these paints look just like ordinary paints. Even though the key purpose of this fire-rated paint is to preserve the integrity of your building’s structural components in the event of a fire, they can also be used for beautification and weather-protection purposes. These fire-resistant paints can be applied on plasters, plasterboards, structural steel, fibreboards (irrespective of their density), bricks, stones, gypsum concrete, metals, chipboards, softwoods (cedar, pine, etc.), and hardwoods (oak, birch, etc.). 

In modern-day construction, the application of intumescent paint Sydney is common on doors, windows, bar tops, claddings, matchboards, decking, floors, ceilings, etc. Almost every industrial building owner necessitates the use of this fire-rated paint. As long as your intumescent coatings are in adherence with the Volatile Organic Compound Emission Standards (VOC), it’s application is justified. You can even apply these paints on stained or unpainted regions of your buildings. If you feel certain regions of your building are extra-prone to fire hazards, you can install multiple coats of similar fire-retardant paints.

intumescent paint in sydney
intumescent paint in sydney

Intumescent Paints are All Around You 

The use of intumescent paint Sydney is extremely popular in chemical facilities, refineries, industrial buildings, and conventional commercial buildings because they can resist temperatures of up to 2,000° F. These qualities of this fire-rated paint don’t make it less ‘trendy’ or ‘un-aesthetic.’ Intumescent paint is available in metallic finishes, white finishes, gloss, eggshell finishes, and several other coloured finishes. By getting this paint, you won’t have to spend as heavily on other fire protection features for your home! 


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