Are You Committing These Mistakes While Turf Laying? Have A Look!!

You are surely one of the many people who have jumped out of excitement after seeing a beautifully laid down turf or garden at some commercial place, public hangout area, or at any residential complex. Turfs form the base for a beautiful lawn and there are many people across the world who are ready to invest in turf laying. The finished product might look mesmerising, but the process involved behind it is not only an onerous one but also purely technical. According to the professionals associated with the turf laying in Castle Hill area, any type of mistake committed is surely going to negatively impact the overall beauty and finish of the place.

Considering the above point in mind, let us look at some of the areas of mistakes that people often commit and get to know if you are one of them or not.

Overlapping of the Turfs

This is one of the most common mistakes that people commit during turf laying in Castle Hill. It is assumed that two turfs will merge over time. But the fact is, it does not happen and overlapping of the turf leads to an uneven surface. This is something that is never considered good for a beautiful lawn or garden. Apart from this, overlapping might also happen during the process of fresh turf laying in Castle Hill when the adjoining areas or the corners slide over each other.

Therefore, while laying, proper care should be taken so as to ensure that there is no overlapping, and the surface gets an immaculate finish.

Insufficient Digging

One of the ways to ensure that the turf grows well at the place is by ascertaining that it has been planted well. Therefore, the pre-planting procedure needs to be followed well. Digging the surface sufficiently is a way to ensure that you are looking for a sustainable, strong lawn where the roots of the grasses penetrate deep into the ground.

In fact, it is a principle being followed by professionals indulged in turf laying in Castle Hill. Digging deep and then planting helps the turf to withstand excess heat, drought, and any disease. Hence, it remains lush green all throughout the year.

Missing the Soil Test

If you want the turf laying in Castle Hill by professionals to be a success, you need to have a thorough soil testing. The balance of the pH and the availability of the required nutrients stands very essential for the good growth of the laid turf. If the soil does not stand suitable then preparing it for the same is necessary before turf laying.

Also, if you are laying the turf on a surface for the first time where there have been different kinds of plants for a long, deep digging is recommended to balance the available soil nutrients. The use of pre-turfing fertiliser is mostly recommended by experts.


Turf makes an ambience beautiful. Therefore, being a task with zero scopes of error, experts need to be hired. Also, a common mistake that people commit is ordering the turf before preparing the surface. This should not be done as the quality deteriorates with time (the gap between laying and harvesting).


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