What is timber flooring Epping

Nowadays with the changing trend it’s being seen that engineered flooring is more sued instead of hardwood flooring. The reason behind this demand is that engineered flooring gives more benefits compared to hardwood flooring. This flooring helps to improve the look and ambiance of the house .Also and engineered floor will have better protection from heat, sun, dust and moisture.

There are many companies of Timber flooring in Epping that have experience of more than 20-25 years .They excel in their offerings and have knowledge of bringing natural look and grace of hardwood timber flooring in your house or workplace.

Timber flooring that are servicing in the Epping area provide the best quality of hardwoods and also excellent service to their customers.

The best part of timber flooring is the wood that is being used in flooring. This wood has its own natural strength and absorption power that can absorb all kind of stress and shock and this makes it perfect for all types of houses that has huge foot fall throughout the day. Timber flooring starts looking old after certain time period but then you can easily get this replaced at a very reasonable rate, you just need to get the floors sanded again and they start looking new as before.

Timber flooring in Epping requires very little maintenance and still keep adding glamour to your house space.

Timber flooring is a natural sustainable resource, because unlike other flooring this one doesn’t take a toll on nature despite of the fact that timber floor is made of natural sources only. The woods are being imported from the forest of Australia .These timber floorings need very little time for maintenance and they are easy to retain for longer time. They don’t attract dust easily and hence chances of getting spoilt is very less.

There are 2 types of timber flooring one is floating wood and other is solid timber flooring.

The floating wood flooring has a layer of softwood that is being attached to it with the help of fiberboard that is of very high density, there is this fake floating timber floor option also that has a laminate over it with its pros and cons. It’s being seen that floating timber is not that expensive but in terms of quality can’t commit on its durability it can get damaged easily. Whereas the solid timber flooring is more easy to clean and maintain. The initial cost on its installation and material is higher.

The idea and trend of timber flooring and Epping is being very popular and with the gaining popularity this has become very competitive product among the service provider of timber flooring installation.  There are so many companies that are moving towards the business of timber flooring and they offer a wide range of services and products at a very nominal price.

Timber flooring is the new way of beautifying the house and bringing new feel at home space or office space without much investment and burden on the pockets of the customers.


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