Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Seal for Medical Devices

Seals and O Rings are one of the essential components being used in medical equipment. Although cost-effective, seals for medical devices have a significant impact on the system's operation and the result of the medical procedure.

Engineered sealing systems have evolved to meet modern designs for medical devices, both due to new materials and new methods to manufacture these seals. Understanding the basics of the seal design, the resources available to assist in the manufacturing phase, and the hazards to be avoided can ensure an effective seal and medical product outcome.

When selecting the right components to power a medical device, the choices can seem infinite. If it is a blood glucose monitor for a diabetic patient or a surgical robot for an orthopedic operation, life can be at risk if these machines do not work properly. With so many options on the market – and little room for error – choosing the right ones can be a real challenge.

Performance and Reliability

There are few places outside the medical industry where the Silicon O Rings efficiency and reliability that make up the system are as important. Electromechanical switches are used in many medical devices to set up, configure, and operate the end device. Although these operator interface switches are often considered an afterthought by many designers, there are many applications where switching can be a critical component in the product's operation.


The greater, the better mindset, in terms of designing medical devices, could not be further from reality. In reality, smaller devices are often more attractive as products become smarter. Take home monitoring equipment, such as portable heart monitors or insulin pumps. Patients do not want to hang around bulky attachments – particularly on a wearable system that needs to be with them 24/7. However, while switches that allow users to interact with these products need to take up less space than before, they have unique performance specifications. They need to work reliably for several years to come.


Seals and O Rings suppliers ensure medical instruments, particularly surgical and critical care equipment, need to be maintained under a wide variety of conditions. From blood and body fluids to tough sterilization chemicals, corrosion resistance is one of the most critical considerations when narrowing the required components. In the hectic world of hospital operating and emergency rooms, equipment travels rapidly, and staff does not always have the luxury of being gentle or using equipment as prescribed.

Designing devices to withstand impacts, effects of moisture or other environmental conditions is important for the product to function consistently for years, even in difficult circumstances. Environmental requirements will greatly restrict these choices, so it is best to decide at an early stage whether your environment would limit your choice of components. Work with Silicon O Rings suppliers to ensure that their goods meet any unique specifications you might have.

Customization and Flexibility

Despite a large number of Viton O Rings suppliers and an even larger catalogue of commercial off-the-shelf parts, much of the design requires some compromises to achieve the exact performance required. Although customizing components sounds difficult, many suppliers are willing to improve existing goods to save OEM time, expense, and headache. Good Seals and O Rings suppliers can take the time to consider the specifications of the application and make suggestions on the best way to incorporate their components.

Consider the case of Silicon O Rings suppliers of electro-surgery instruments. For minimally invasive procedures such as laparoscopy, the surgeon manipulates instruments inside the body when looking through the camera. The need to stay concentrated on the camera ensures that the surgeon has to operate the instruments without seeing them. The tactile feedback from switches on the instruments is important in this case. 


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