Ways To Install Garage Door Opener Using Simple Steps

You are about to invest a great deal of money in a garage door opener. So, focusing on the garage door opener installation process is always a prime call to make. These openers must be installed in a proper manner to ensure the mechanism fits specifications and it will operate safely. Most of these openers will feature a carriage that will run on a rail or even along the tube for motor, right in front of the garage. There will be an arm that will connect the carriage to the garage door.

While most of the popular chain drive-based garage door openers cannot connect the motor to the carriage with chain, there are other openers, which will work in a different manner. When it comes to direct drive based garage door openers, the carriage will travel along a threaded large rod.

There are some promising steps to install garage door openers and offer tips for that successful result. You need professionals for the same because they are well-aware of the right steps to take in this regard. So, without wasting time, let’s get right into details.

Assembling the carriage tube:

Before you start the assembly process, confirm that you have the necessary garage door parts. Make sure to follow the manufacturer's direction for that. This tube will allow the carriage to travel from the power unit to the front wall of the garage to raise and lower the door.

  • You have to seat the carriage tube pieces in a secured manner.
  • You can measure to verify that the assembled length matches the length as needed by the manufacturer.
  • Make some promising adjustments with a socket wrench or any other tool as directed.

Mounting the tube:

You can also mount the tube to the front of the power unit. Remember to attach rail clamps, which will then connect to the bracket on the wall right above the door. Some doors will need installing switches and writing at this current point. Then you have to slip the carriage right over the tube. Here, you will get the manufacturer’s directions for help as there are different models and makes to be attached in a different manner.

Mounting the head bracket:

Also termed to be the header brackets, this garage door opener mounting bracket is used for securing the carriage tube to the wall right above the door. This location solely depends on the door type. Then you might have to lift the power unit and set it on top of stepladder security as it is closer to the ceiling.

Power unit hanging from the ceiling:

Most of the units for garage door opener installation will hang from angle irons and metallic straps, which have holes in them drilled at regular intervals. Here, you need to bolt angle irons to rafter with the help of lag screws. Then attach straps to irons with hex head screws and another set of straps to be attached to the power unit with provided hardware. Make sure to test the garage door multiple times to ensure that it clears the opener.

Whenever you need any form of help with the opener installation, experts are just a call away!


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