Best Mantras for awning maintenance!

The makers of awnings Penrith are designed to be durable. The equipment and frames are very durable and function smoothly over the decades. The fabric normally extends for ten to twelve years–or longer–with minimal attention. For motorized and manual wall-mounting patios and pergola tags, the following simpler maintenance instructions will extend product life indefinitely.

Our retractable awnings are self-saving and therefore need little attention. However, exposure to outside components has implications that may limit their use. Just like carports Penrith, Awnings can last practically forever with due regard for the extreme weather together with proper care and handling.

Main reasons behind damage of awnings:

1. Water puddles that can stretch to the fabric–While the experts at carports Penrith don't recommend but the pitch should be steep enough for water to run off when it's NSW rainy weather.

2. Winds above 20 miles / h can cause damage to the fabric or retractable arms.

3. Motor damage due to the retraction following the frozen fabric.

4. Mildew which forms after a wet and dirty awning is retracted.

Functional tips 

To open the manual awnings Penrith, don't attempt to force the Manual crank. Turn the manual in one direction to extend the marker; turn to retract in the opposite direction. Keep the handle in the same angle as the eyelet when turning.

In winds of greater than 20      mph, retracting of the awning is necessary. Remove all twigs, leaves and      other debris before your awning roll up. Do not jam the front bar against      the rolling fabric when retracting. 

Lubricating the awning 

Awning hardware (moving parts) can be lubricated once a year, although it is not necessary. It is better to maintain optimum, quiet operation with a dry silicone spray lubricant. Check the end of the roller tube on the other side of the engine or gear to see unusual creaking noises when operating the awnings Penrith. When a little lubricant is applied to the axle, unwanted noises are generally eliminated. Avoid spilling lubricant on fibre.


Technicians at carports Penrith use maintenance-free aluminium components. However, it is a good idea to tear the framework off and to wipe it with a soft tubing at the beginning of the outdoor season. Avoid moving the area of the machine. To make sure they are tight, check all the fasteners once a year. The best way to ensure that the awning is cleaned is by avoiding dirt and try to rinse the fibre with cold water on a monthly basis. This is the only regular maintenance in most environments,

General cleaning procedure  

This process should be followed every month

1. Brush off all loose dirt with a broom, including the bottom of awnings Penrith.

2. Prepare cool water and soap cleaning solution.

3. Scrub from the bottom up with a soft bristle brush.

4. Let the soap in.

5. Rinse until all residues of soap are gone.

6. Before retracting, air-dry the awning completely. 

7. Cut off shrubbery and vines as they contain acid that could damage the fabric.

Follow these instructions and you will have a clean, efficient awnings Penrith to sit under and enjoy your weekends.


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