The Role of the Loop Detector in the Modern Traffic Environment

In the modernized world, there are lots of new inventions that will help people in various ways. Have you ever thought of traffic as a hassle for mankind and other animals at times? Technology answers this question through several inventions. 

One of which is the loop detector that is designed for detecting the vehicles. It uses the moving magnet or an alternating current to induce the electric current in the wire found nearby.

This induction loop is also used to transmit the reception of the communication signal for detecting the metal objects in the vehicle presence indicators and metal detectors. This loop detector traffic is highly useful for places where you can commonly find more vehicle movement.

General applications of the look detectors 

  • Gate control, barrier control
  • Signal output for the traffic light system, vehicle count, and traffic computers
  • Direction dependent vehicle detection
  • Position detection in parking garages
  • Protection for transfer stations in the automatic conveyor systems

Working on the loop detector

The wire traffic loop detectors embedded in the ground as the inductive mechanism for producing the high frequency oscillating the circuit. 

When the vehicle that is carrying the metal part approaching the stop within the wire loops, the frequency of the oscillating circuit will automatically change. 

The signal output reliability detects the vehicle with the help of the potential free relays. The dimension of the detection range will vary depending on the size and shape of the induced loops in the detector.

Loop detectors for the pedestrian detection

Nowadays, pedestrian detection has come in many forms. It consists of the standard push button with the red/green man display where these are associated with the puffin crossing facilities. In loop detector traffic push-button combined with a WAIT, the button is associated with the older form of crossing PELICAN. 

When you press the push button it registers a demand with the controller and in the same way, it is serviced as a traffic demand.

With the pushbuttons, on-crossing and kerbside detection are more commonly used. Some pedestrians push the button and walk away before the green man is shown, so to focus the pedestrian waiting area the kerbside detection is used. 

It is able to cancel the pedestrian demand and allows the vehicles, thus saves the pedestrian green time. Once on a toucan crossing or puffin, the on-crossing detectors monitor the pedestrian’s progress and if necessary it extends the red. 

This detector ensures that the pedestrians cross the road before the traffic starts running again. When there is a range of pedestrians crossing the road throughout the day this can be extremely useful for those who take variable amounts of time to cross the road

Final thoughts

Several technical inventions are useful for people in several ways. You have now found the role of the traffic loop detectors in the day to day life. So, ensure you are using it in the right place to have its applications in the necessities and simplify the work.


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