What Stages Are Associated With Bathroom Renovations?

Are you thinking about renovating your old bathroom for a completely new look? It is obvious that you will head toward bathroom renovations warriewood from the reputed experts working in this field already. However, getting an idea on your own seems to be a clever choice these days. You might want to grab some ideas on your own so that you can challenge the experts if they are doing something wrong.

There are significant stages related to bathroom renovations. Learning about those stages beforehand will prepare you for the upcoming project. So, let’s not waste any time further and check out those stages of bathroom renovations.

Starting off with budget:

Before you get completely carried away with shapely tubs and freestanding baths, you have to jot down what you actually want. If you are trying to renovate, always think about whether you are planning to change the existing hot water system or just want to change the layout of the bathroom. 

  • Based on your requirements, you have to consider the storage, joinery, and flooring needs. Depending on the changes you are planning to make, the budget will fluctuate.
  • So, it is always better to plan out your needs first and then aim for the right bathroom renovation budget plan. Once you have pre-planned a budget after thorough research, make sure to stick to it.

Time for the layout:

There are some aspects of bathroom renovations warriewood, which remain completely non-negotiable. You will come across some specified codes, which will dictate space between the electrical fits to sinks, taps, and shower heads. For the right advice on that, make sure to ask your architect or builder for it. 

  • Always remember that a minimum space of 700mm in front of the vanity and around 200mm between the toilet and vanity will work out well for you. 
  • Ventilation will be yet another major part of the bathroom layout. If you don’t have an extraction fan properly installed in right place, your bathroom will turn out to be moldy and damp.
  • Leaving the current windows, pipes, and doors in their existing places will lower the cost. The rest remains on your personal preferences 

Dealing with the plumbing work:

 when you are not trying to move the bathroom fixtures, it might be worth replacing your old pipes with some new ones. Pipes need to be renewed as matter of course. In case you are sticking with your old pipes, it is vital for control valves on both cold and hot water services to turn off. It makes the plumber’s job a bit easier.

Running pipes to some of the new fixtures always mean that you might have to relocate waste water pipes. Always take your current time and money into consideration whenever you are planning for your renovation. In case you are trying to build the plumbing lines from the starting point then think how far the bathroom remains from your hot water system. Reducing that said distance can equal sizable energy and water-saving mechanism.

Dealing with important waterproofing services:

When you are done with the electrical and plumbing line, and even covered up your floor and wall substrate, then waterproofing is the next stage to cover. 

  • Waterproofing is covered in two specific orders and in two separate timings.  
  • The first stage will stop the water from the shower and other ends from escaping the bathroom and entering the building substructure. It prevents all kinds of water damage. 
  • Then you have the second stage, which is covered after cement bed flooring. This floor bed is laid before installing the tiles. It will stop any crystal deposit called and staining the floor as a result.
  •  Waterproofing needs quite some time to perform well. With proper drying time in hand, the entire waterproofing technique might take around 2 weeks to completely provide some results. So, you better have that time in hand.

Follow the steps well:

Make sure to follow all the steps of bathroom renovations well and get improved results in the end. Asking experts for proper guidance will work out well in your favor. In case you have any queries, experienced contractors are always there with your answer ready. So, don’t forget to keep their numbers handy.


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