Diphenyl Oxide - Used for The Perfumes & Fragrances

Diphenyl Oxide is an organic compound with the chemical formula O(C6H5)2. It is also known as artificial geranium oil and crystal geranium oil. The majority of diphenyl oxide chemicals are used by the fragrance and perfume industry. The reason behind this is its chemical properties, due to the alkaline stability of geranium oil, this compound is used to make different essences.

Just like the other phenyl rings, Diphenyl Oxide also includes numerous reactions such as nitration, halogenation, hydroxylation, and Friedel Crafts alkylation. It’s a colourless liquid with a pleasant odour. It might sink or float in water however it entirely depends upon its quantity and concentration.

Diphenyl Oxide – Geranium as a Natural Deodorant

Odour reminiscent of scented geranium and its affordability, Diphenyl Oxide is essentially used by numerous soap and perfume industries. The special properties of geranium are not only good for aromatherapy but also works well as a natural deodorant. Its smell is very pleasing and keeps your body fresh all day long. 

You can use geranium oil in the morning and keep your body fresh and odour-free for a long period. It also uplifts the freshness and doesn’t have any side effects. The antibacterial properties of the compound give you double protection.

How Artificial Geranium Oil is Made?

Pelargonium is a gene of a flowering plant that has more than 280 species. The geranium oil comes from the perennial shrub of the pinkish-white flower. The plant has five petals and a long stem with pinnate leaves. 

The leaves are the main part of the plant and work as a therapeutic and medical compound. It is used for natural remedies. In addition to this, the Geranium essential oil is extracted from the flower. It is commonly grown in South America.  

The first distillation of geranium oil happened in 1700 in France. Normal garden geranium does not produce much oil. to extract 1 kg of oil you need at least 300-500 kg of plants. That is why artificial geranium oil which is diphenyl oxide is made.

Application of Diphenyl Oxide:

  • Body Odour Eliminator: Geranium oil antibacterial properties can help you get rid of body odour. It could be your next body perfume as it protects your body from perspiration. You would smell like a flower whenever you get to sweat. Diphenyl Oxide is an essential oil cultivated in different countries like Spain, France, and Italy. 
  • Muscle Toner: astringent properties of the Geranium help in contracting and tightening the body muscles. It can prevent your body from sagging and also helps in tightening the gums. It also reduces wrinkles and keeps your facial skin fitted. 
  • Prevent Infections: Diphenyl Oxide has different properties to prevent your body from 22 different types of bacteria. Your body can catch 12 types of fungi that grow on the body itself but regular use of geranium oil soap and perfume may help to fight the infection. 
  • Heal Wound: The presence of cicatrisant properties in Geranium helps heal incision and wound. It also takes care of blood circulation below the skin and lets the body do damage control. It also fades away scars and acne spot presentence on your face or body. 

Health Benefits of Geranium

  • The antimicrobial qualities present in the geranium boost your immunity levels. It makes defensive cells of the body strong and helps your body deal with difficult situations.
  • It flushes out the excess urine out of your body and removes all the toxins and dangerous fluid out of the system. 
  • Cytophylactic properties of the liquid help you enhance metabolism.
  • Geranium facilitates the nitric oxide release in your body. As a result, it prevents any inflammation in the neuron cells and prevents your body from any neuro disease.
  • It also helps you get rid of respiratory problems such as sore throat, and nose infections. 


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