Things you need to know about hydraulic cylinder repair

hydraulic cylinder repair
hydraulic cylinder repair

When owning and operating machinery, repairs are an inevitable part.  A hydraulic cylinder is one of the essential components of machinery. These are mainly used in the construction and engineering industry. It is used to transfer power to force and also linear motion. So, regularly inspecting cylinder components helps to look for damage and ensure proper working of the cylinder. Regular servicing helps to keep your equipment back in top shape in a very little time. Here are some tips that help hydraulic cylinder repair.

Disassembly and inspection:

Generally, when there is an internal or external leakage the need for hydraulic cylinder repair is realized. The repair service thoroughly inspects the cylinder parts, especially the seals, post disassembly can help to identify the problems.

Piston seal:

The barrel might be oversized if the piston seal is eroded. In such a case you need to replace the barrel or complete cylinder. If you replace the piston, without replacing the barrel is a short-term solution. This requires complete maintenance at the earliest. 

Rod seal:

If the guide bush is worn or the rod is bent, the rod seal is damaged. In this case, the rod falls on the seal that leads to failure. If you begin the hydraulic cylinder repair job for a long-term fix, it is advisable to identify the cause of the problem.


In light-duty applications, the cylinder is used where the rod supports on the head material, which is commonly cast iron or aluminium alloy. Between the head and the rod, a metallic or non-metallic guide bush is equipped in applications with high load on the rod. Between the head and the rod, if the cylinder is equipped with a bush, it should be replaced as a part of the repair. 


Inspect the barrel and look for internal pitting or scoring. Scored barrels or pitted barrels reduce the effectiveness as well as the service life of the piston. You need to horn the barrel to remove damage or get it replaced. Ensure that the barrel is honed evenly along its full length. 

If honing still leaves the barrel with scoring and pitting replace the barrel. For small diameter industrial hydraulic cylinders, manufacturing a new barrel with hones tubing is a cost-effective solution.


The cylinder piston used in light-duty applications that operate while being in direct contact with the cylinder bore. You don’t want to replace if minor scoring on the piston’s outside diameter, it does not harm the functioning of the cylinder but replaces it if the piston's diameter measures beyond the tolerance ratio.


By making use of compressed air clean all parts in a petroleum-based solvent and blow-dry. For coating, all the parts use clean hydraulic fluid. Before installing seals make sure that the seal grooves are clean. 

Wrapping it up:

The hydraulic cylinder repair makes sure that the components are working in good condition and ensures the high performance and long lifespan of the equipment. When you go to repair services, they inspect, repair and tune-up with the advanced solutions to improve the performance and durability. 


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