3 Easy Steps- How to Pick The Perfect Conveyor Mining Belt

There are several deciding factors that power a conveyor mining belt. The idlers, winches, couplings, scrapers, bearings, gearboxes, fluid couplings, structure, motors, are a couple of components to keep in mind before opting for a mining belt conveyor.

The most important yet overlooked component is the belt itself. It not only transports the products from one point to another but also acts as solid support. Read the following three points before you make a purchase of the mining or steel belt conveyor.

Check the composition of the conveyor belt.

A conveyor belt typically consists of three layers. The first layer is known as the cover or the top layer. It supports the products during transportation. The second layer is known as the carcass or the middle layer. It supports the belt and is made of metal or a woven fabric. The third layer is known as the bottom cover. It completes the belt makeup.

You can choose from a variety of belts available in the market.

  • Multi-ply belt- The layers of fabric are separated by rubber that deadens the impact on the belt for a long-lasting effect.
  • Straight-wrap belt- This belt constitutes yarn and polyamide, to strengthen the impact and tear resistance.
  • Steel-cord belt- The length of this belt is anchored by steel cables.

Keep in mind the considerations.

The primary thing to keep in mind is the product to be transported and the respective location. A steel conveyor belt transporting lighter materials in a temperature-controlled setting is much different than a mining conveyor belt transporting heavier products in quarries or mines.

Figure out the application of the belt and its environment. All the factors such as belt rips, damages, or rips must be well calculated in order to minimize the losses and maximize the profits.

External key factors to comprehend before the purchase.

The external working conditions play a pivotal role in deciding the durability of a conveyor belt.

Fire-resistance belt- If your work involves mining in an underground place, then the conveyor belt ought to comply with fire resistance requirements. Go through the rules and regulations before operating the belt.

  • Service Life- Depending upon the environment of working, longevity and sustainability are certain indispensable factors. As an instance, a belt that transports the materials underground in quarries or mines has more tension than the one that transports cartons in an industry. Increase the life of your belt by analyzing its utility.
  • Free from corrosion- A conveyor belt is easily subjected to corrosion because of the presence of the metal in its makeup. It can cause tremendous deterioration due to extreme temperature conditions, humidity, or moisture level in the workspace.
  • Length and width of the belt- The measurements of the conveyor belts differ as per their applications. To say that a belt used in a grocery store can also work in an underground mine is a false assumption. This is because the belts used in a store are much smaller in length and width. On the other hand, a mine demands a huge width as well as length. To get maximum utility, you can go on to customize the belt as per your needs.

Temperature- A steel conveyor belt that is designed with peculiar thermal characteristics works the best. If your work involves transportation of extremely hot materials, then ensure that the belt you use does not catch fire. Thus, the installed belt must complement the products along with its environment. It helps in increasing the value of your money and also improves the quality of your business.


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