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Abroad education was a symbol of luxury years back. But going abroad to study is something that has become more common. It allows the students to become more independent and gain valuable skills that will prepare them for the life ahead. One of the dream destinations that offer a competitive mix of educational service in Singapore. Singapore is the destination that acts as an embodiment of various qualities such as advanced tech, multiple cultures, and a futuristic world. The advanced environment of Singapore is apt for a great career and an excellent future. If you want your life to take a surge in the best path then Singapore can be your ideal destination. An education consultant will guide you thoroughly in getting admission to the best university.

Education in Singapore

For many years now the US, UK, Canada, Germany, and Australia have been the first choice for people who wish to study abroad. But as time has changed and technology has improved students have started to turn their shift to destinations such as Singapore which is rich in everything. When Indian students are considered, Singapore is a lucrative option in terms of culture and geography. Singapore is cheaper compared to other Asian countries. The overseas educational consultants in Singapore will help you in analyzing your opportunities in Singapore.

Top Universities in Singapore

· National University of Singapore (NUS)

· Nanyang Technological University

· Singapore Management University (SMU)

· Singapore University of Technology and Design

· Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology

· SIM University

· National Institute of Education

· Singapore Institute of Technology

· Yale NUS College

· Nanyang technological university

· PSB academy

Process of Application

  • Singapore offers a wide array of courses and the application starts with the selection of the course that you want to pursue.
  • Some of the courses that are popular in Singapore are Animation, Design, Game Development, Music, Management, Engineering, Economics, and Finance, Tourism and hospitality
  • Choose the university that offers the course that you are opting for.
  • Get the complete details about the university from the education consultants including curriculum and fee.
  • After you have given the confirmation for the course submits all your documents within the stipulated time. Look into whether the course needs any specific qualification, if yes complete that.
  • Once you have selected the course, confirm the enrolment for a particular course, and stay updated with further proceedings.

The Cost of the Study

The average tuition fee in Singapore is around S$25,000 per year and the living cost comes around S$10,000 per year. This number may vary according to the university that you are choosing. You will be guided meticulously by the consultant in handling the finances well.

Funds and Scholarships

The students who are applying for studies in Singapore can avail of various funds and scholarships that are provided by the university and the government. With the guidance of a professional, you can increase the benefits from the excellent support that is provided for students with high caliber. Students from India can get a loan from the bank for up to 2.5 million. Security for the full amount has to be given and the repayment period is somewhere around 5 to 7 years.

Employment for Student

The international students of Singapore can work when a local company has hired them. After graduation, the employer will sponsor the work permit for working full time in Singapore. One thing that you have to remember is that getting a job in Singapore is not an easy task as the competition is extremely high.

Bottom Line

The overseas educational consultants in Singapore will give you complete guidance right from choosing the ideal course to starting your day at the college. They will give various counseling sessions to make you aware of everything in Singapore.  


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