The Important 5 Elements in a Modern Website Design

Every year, we get many new elements and styles in website design. Some of the elements when integrated allow us to frame different stories and explain your services, products and brand. Other elements work for improving how content looks on a particular gadget. Whereas it is not compulsory to include all trends which come out on your site, most of them can improve your visitor’s experience.

But with numerous options, it can be very challenging to identify which are worthy. For helping you narrow your focus, we have around the five most important elements of modern website design that you can comprise for improving the site performance.

Five Modern Website Design Elements and Trends

So let us explore modern responsive website design elements and trends - 

Unique and Big Typography

Most of the website designing companies in Mumbai have individual fonts for typography that they use for helping their clients immediately recognize them against their competitors. In the last few years, designers got a much larger selection of fonts to select from and make it easy for brands to express more accurately via typography.

Typography uses one design trend across the site to lead readers to different parts of the page. When you are creating your company’s brand, your choice in typography can show a few hints about who you are. Are you serious or entertaining? Informational or functional? Whatever you choose, which font you choose, make sure that your designer considers its applicability over all browsers and gadgets. Selecting the font which is not supported by normal browsers and computers could mean that your site displays awkwardly on different gadgets.

Large and Responsive Pictures

You do not need to go far  to see the example of pictures. Large images like anyone having the concept related to your need must be a perfect fit. By concentrating on the only image with text instead of CTA or social buttons, you need to create a powerful visual experience that enables you to scroll down for reading more. Large hero pictures are placed in the background with the text and content on top.

Your clients come from all over the place and have huge expectations. You may not be sure if they find your website from their phones, tablets, or PC. The large image seems very powerful but if it was only visible from PC or laptops, most of people might miss out.

Background Videos

Videos that play automatically in the background can add much to the page. They can be useful for telling the story and decrease the amount of content that is required to explain the business. So whenever you land on the site homepage, the large video automatically plays in the background, and then click the play button, you get to have a look deeply at the site. This background video feature serves as an effective way to get the visitor engaged to click through the main primary video.

It mainly focuses on enticing the visitor from the time they land on your site. It enables your visitor to understand the key points about your firm without having to read a single line of text. Video is processed 60k times faster in comparison to text. While people are hesitant to read a heavy block of videos, text that appears effortless and can be consumed faster. It is also helpful for increasing connectivity speeds along with the size of mobile and device are growing for better video experiences.

Semi-Flat Designing

Flat designing is the element which does not comprise or does not give the perception of three dimensions like shadows. Flat designing not only is easy for users to comprehend but also it can load faster on sites without overly technical or complicated elements. Most of the website designing companies in Mumbai - both large or small scale have shifted to flat design. Whenever you scroll over any of those boxes, the shadow disappears and releases the image behind it.

Flat designing is helpful for the visitor to understand content quickly, and adding such elements can bring it to life. Regardless of whether you design a site using flat design or use shadows and other elements, it is necessary to be consistent throughout your site. 

Hamburger Menus

Most of the sites you come in contact with likely have large menu options to select from. The main benefit of this is that the menu can take the viewer directly to wherever they want to go. The hidden or hamburger menu completely changes this. It was common in web applications nowadays.

So, these have been the best elements for modern website design that will make the website more effective and productive. 


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